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Category: West Solent One Design W-8 Refit

RIPPLE, Bronze floors

22 August, 2017

We head back inside RIPPLE for more bronze floors and brackets It’s been a while since our last update on RIPPLE, our 1925 Berthon built West Solent Restricted Class (otherwise known as Lymington One Design (LOD) or West Solent One Design (WSOD)), as there have been numerous other projects in…

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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Sourced for Ripple’s Hull

31 August, 2016

The Yacht Restoration Project Continues…  The project to restore Ripple (built by Berthon in 1925) continues. With the centreline structure, new laminated frames and bronze floors in place, the next step for Ripple will be to add the Alaskan yellow cedar planking to form the hull of the yacht. Although…

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RIPPLE – the story continues… 

27 February, 2015

The work to restore RIPPLE, a 1925 Berthon built West Solent one design has been progressing with apprentice Lewis Still taking directions from seasoned Mike Prince in the corner of the big blue sheds at Berthon. Lewis, a 2nd year apprentice shipwright comments on the work he has been undertaking…

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Our continued restoration of RIPPLE – The show must go on.

31 January, 2014

Since the last update to the restoration blog there has been much progress on RIPPLE. We now have all of the laminated frames in the midship section of the boat permanently fixed in place. These have been housed into the keel and then glued using thickened epoxy resin, plus additional…

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Work on RIPPLE moves forward

09 September, 2013

‘The frames are made using laminates of iroko machined to a thickness of 5mm. These are then covered with resorcinol glue on all mating faces and bent around a laminating jig; as pictured in the blog. This is then left for the glue to cure. Once the glue has completely…

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A Quick Update on West Solent One Design – RIPPLE

08 July, 2013

Here is the latest timelapse video of RIPPLE’s transformation by the Berthon Apprentices, with highlights of the framing process mentioned in ‘The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.’ (G.K. Chesterton) by Jack Gunstone-Smith (Second year Shipwright Apprentice). ‘The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.’…

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Our Apprentices

30 May, 2013

Jack Gunstone-Smith is serving a four year advanced apprenticeship at Berthon in the Shipwright department. He says ‘I applied for my apprenticeship online, was invited for interview, and was lucky enough to be chosen for an apprenticeship, which was great news as it was something I really wanted to do….

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Of frames and keels and laminating jigs….

26 April, 2013

By Jack Gunstone-Smith (2nd year Shipwright Apprentice) Whilst working on Ripple these last couple of weeks, I have so far removed the keel timber, which involved removing the large bronze keel bolts that fasten the keel to the strap floors, by way of drilling off the heads of the bolts…

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