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Category: Yacht Refits

The Repair of CHALE BAY

28 November, 2014

CHALE BAY is a 40 foot, 25 ton, wooden fishing vessel built in Bideford and fitted out in Lymington.  Launched in 1990, she is of carvel construction with Iroko planks on sawn Oak futtock frames. For those who don’t know, a futtock is a curved timber that forms a rib in…

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Inside the Blue Sheds

01 September, 2014

August was another very busy month in our Big Blue Sheds, and for the Yacht Maintenance & Repair team at Berthon. Below is a snapshot of some of the projects that we have been working on:- LYDIA – Bowman 48 DS ex. MI A KON DA – sold by Berthon…

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Rigging for Offshore Cruising Yachts

01 July, 2014

As part of the World Cruising Club Bluewater Open Boat Weekend, our Rigging, Refit & Repair Manager, Robin Milledge, was asked to do a presentation about Rigging on Offshore Cruising Yachts. Here we expand on his presentation, tapping into the vast knowledge of over 40 years of sailing, 30 years…

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HEATHER returns for a Birthday

28 March, 2014

HEATHER is a 12 ton Gauntlet built in 1935 for HW Goodwin; she was build number 467 and was the 3rd 12 ton Gauntlet to be built of the 16 by Berthon between 1934 and 1939. She was purchased late in 2013 by her new owner, and with the survey…

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Our continued restoration of RIPPLE – The show must go on.

31 January, 2014

Since the last update to the restoration blog there has been much progress on RIPPLE. We now have all of the laminated frames in the midship section of the boat permanently fixed in place. These have been housed into the keel and then glued using thickened epoxy resin, plus additional…

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What’s going on in the big Blue Sheds?

20 December, 2013

Now the winter is truly upon us, the big Blue Sheds have welcomed a plethora of yacht projects to their voluminous innards which are all for delivery in the Spring of 2014 for the new season. There are others that will join for a pre-season wash and brush up like…

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CHALLENGE BUSINESS 20 – The Greenest of Them All

20 December, 2013

Here at Berthon, we have been selling, painting, refitting and berthing Challenge yachts for many years and we know the fleet of 67s and 72s well. All the yachts without exception have passed through our hands either on brokerage and/or in refit and as such we are normally always able…

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2013 has been a busy year for Berthon Lymington Marina

28 November, 2013

2013 has been a busy year for Berthon Lymington Marina – an integral part of Destination Berthon. Lymington Marina was one of the first marinas to be built in Europe and although built by David May in 1965, we recently discovered it was his grandfather, the current generation’s great grandfather…

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