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The Designs

Berthon Boat Company has been building boats since 1877. In recent years, Berthon has built 38 all weather self-righting lifeboats for the RNLI along with a number of Pilot, Patrol and Survey vessels for other commercial workboat clients. Using the experience gained in these demanding environments, Berthon has developed a range of designs with Peter Eyre, naval architect of the Shannon Class Lifeboat, to provide unrivalled sea keeping ability to meet any current requirement.


Berthon 14m Search and Rescue Vessel

Berthon 14m SAR

The next generation of SAR vessels built on the experience of the latest RNLI vessels and with hull design by Peter Eyre. Berthon have developed a full self-righting, fast and highly manoeuvrable vessel with an unrivalled ability to maintain high speed in adverse sea conditions.

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Berthon 14m Pilot

Berthon 14m Pilot

A highly manoeuvrable, stable and comfortable platform for high speed pilot vessel applications developed from the rugged SAR world, with hull design by Peter Eyre.


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RNLI Shannon Class Lifeboats

Shannon Class Lifeboat

The Shannon is the latest class to join the RNLI’s All-weather lifeboat fleet and is the first to be propelled by waterjets making it’s a very agile and manoeuvrable craft with excellent shallow draft capabilities.

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Severn Class Lifeboats built by Berthon Boat Co

Severn Class Lifeboat

The Severn Class all-weather lifeboats is the largest operated by the RNLI and the mainstay of their fleet, providing coverage up to 100 miles (160 km) offshore.


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