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Pilot Boat Designs

Pilot Boat Designs

Designed to meet the most demanding Pilot boat requirements in all sea states.

Berthon Boat Company has been building boats since 1877, details of which can be found on our Build register, which includes Nelson Pilot Boats for UK and International Port Authorities.

Pilot transfer ergonomics are always at the heart of the design process in order to provide a safe and reliable platform for 24/7 operation. The Coxwain is afforded excellent visibility of the pilot during the transfer evolution with generous, well placed windows and a coach-roof design offering visibility right down to the pilots footing on the deck. An uncluttered transfer space and a wide side deck offer the Pilot the highest level of security.

Berthon 10m Pilot boat

The Berthon 10M has been developed to provide outstanding capabilities on a compact foot-print.

This unique vessel offers rough weather performance second to none with the highest level of comfort and safely. With the option of a fully enclosed wheel house and self-right capability this vessel is suited to the most demanding operational environments.

With a range of propulsion options the Berthon 10m is suitable for a range of commercial operations including Search and Rescue, Pilot, Dive, Standby, Harbour duties, Patrol and multi-role work boat.

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Pilot Boat Designs

Berthon 14m Pilot boat

The Berthon 14 m has been developed specifically to meet the needs of Pilot boat operators around the world. The hull form has been optimised for outstanding rough weather operation whilst providing a steady, dependable platform for pilot transfer and extended operation times.

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Berthon 17m Pilot boat


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