FPB64 Grey Wolf
Total distance: 15787.04 NM

FPB 64 GREY WOLF and her owner Peter Watson are currently on a summer cruise to Norway, with a new crew on board and outstanding cruising grounds this blog will now follow them on this journey in 2015.

The Long Voyage Home was completed in June 2014, blogs from the legs can be found below of the epic journey aboard the FPB 64 from Auckland to Gurnsey

The Long Voyage Home of FPB 64 GREY WOLF was an epic journey from Auckland to Guernsey. Owner Peter Watson was ably assisted by his crew of Tony Jones, Jeff Holden and the Berthon apprentice that joins the crew on each leg of the journey - Jack Gunstone-Smith (3rd year Shipwright) in New Zealand, Ben Pearcy (2nd year Marine Electrician) in Tahiti, Nathan Smith (1st year Marine Engineer) in Panama, Dan Pilcher (1st year Marine Electrician) in Bermuda.

Matt Hamilton (3rd year Engineering apprentice) from Circa Marine will be onboard the whole way.

This will give these apprentices the opportunity of a lifetime.

FPB 64 GREY WOLF - Voyage Progress

GREY WOLF is resting in Tromso

TSV - 22 July, 2015

GREY WOLF is resting in Tromso – the Paris of the North – and her skipper Trevor is checking out the charms of this great university city. Normal service (and blog) will be resumed over the coming days

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TSV 22 July 2015

Spam, eggs, killer whales and Tromso

Tayler - 17 July, 2015

Yesterday we were still underway and we had got into the routine of our watch shifts. The scribe performs from 6 to 10 , Trevor is `it’ from 10 to 2 and Peter’s watch is from 2 to 6. Whilst on watch in the evening, I saw 2 killer whales…

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Tayler 17 July 2015

Iceberg dead ahead!

Tayler - 15 July, 2015

Breaking our recent trend of sleeping in, we had an early start at 3 am this morning, when Peter heard the anchor dragging on the rocks below. He moved the boat to a different anchorage and in the process… Hit an iceberg. Trevor ran upstairs thinking Peter had ran aground….

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Tayler 15 July 2015

Like a bat out of hell.

Tayler - 14 July, 2015

I’m sorry to say that today… We had a late start. It would have been an even later start if Peter hadn’t played “Bat out of Hell” on the surround sound system full blast! Then, as we were all up (whether we wanted to be or not), we decided that…

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Tayler 14 July 2015

Just a thick soup like fog (with a whale and more polar bears).

Tayler - 13 July, 2015

We set off at the crack of dawn today as there was a long journey ahead. Luckily there were no anchor troubles this time so the process was a lot smoother! Be thankful for small mercies. I was on watch again and to be honest, today was a lot tougher….

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Tayler 13 July 2015

Keeping a watchful eye

Tayler - 12 July, 2015

Today was the day we set off from Longyearbyen, south to Josephbukta, on our 8 hour journey. I awoke to a safety briefing from Peter, in case of an emergency, and then he showed me the monitors and how they worked. My job for today was watch keeping! GREY WOLF…

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Tayler 12 July 2015

The changing of the scribes.

Tayler - 11 July, 2015

I arrived in the very early hours to the midnight sun of Svalbard – rushing straight off the plane and back into the welcoming heat of the airport. It was tiny! Just one room for arrivals and departures in fact. I was welcomed by Trevor and in no time at…

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Tayler 11 July 2015

Svalbard in pictures.

TSV - 09 July, 2015

Dear Readers, Berthon Apprentice Tayler is making her way to FPB 64 GREY WOLF, to form part of the crew for the next leg of her summer voyage. She’ll be taking over scribing duties. In the meantime we thought you’d like a sneak peek at some of the best photos…

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TSV 09 July 2015
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