FPB64 Grey Wolf
Total distance: 12522.74 NM

Follow the Long Voyage Home of FPB 64 GREY WOLF, as Peter Watson makes the epic journey from Auckland to Guernsey. He will be ably assisted by his crew of Tony Jones, Jeff Holden and the Berthon apprentice that joins the crew on each leg of the journey - Jack Gunstone-Smith (3rd year Shipwright) in New Zealand, Ben Pearcy (2nd year Marine Electrician) in Tahiti, Nathan Smith (1st year Marine Engineer) in Panama, Dan Pilcher (1st year Marine Electrician) in Bermuda.

Matt Hamilton (3rd year Engineering apprentice) from Circa Marine will be onboard the whole way.

This will give these apprentices the opportunity of a lifetime.

FPB 64 GREY WOLF - Voyage Progress

GREY WOLF at Berthon

Leg 5 - 24 June, 2014

On Tuesday 24th June 2014, GREY WOLF and her crew arrived in Guernsey, after 12,600 nautical miles of ocean she completed the Long Voyage Home. Now GREY WOLF Grey Wolf is berthed at Guernsey Yacht Club where she was welcomed by friends and family; both yacht and crew are enjoying…

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Leg 5 24 June 2014

Aiming in on Guernsey

Leg 5 - 21 June, 2014

SOG: 9.2 knots COG: 272 degrees true Heading: 257 degrees true Miles to Guernsey (at current time): 551 nm Fuel burned in the last 24 hours: 422 litres So after 2 days of the sea battering us on the nose, morale was starting to drop as it looked miserable outside,…

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Leg 5 21 June 2014

Dodging home – Dan’s take

Leg 5 - 18 June, 2014

  Position – 41°59N   22°11W SOG – 8.6 knots COG – 079°T Course steered – 070°T True wind – NNE at 15 knots Wave height -1.5 m Distance travelled from New Zealand – 12,417 Fuel burn noon – noon – 467 litres Hi Tom, Yesterday, we were trying to avoid…

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Leg 5 18 June 2014

Ducking and weaving home

Leg 5 - 18 June, 2014

Position – 41°57N  22°25W Course – 087°T Speed – 9.2 knots True Wind Direction – 002°T at 15 knots Our time in Horta was short and sweet. Most of it was spent at the famous ‘Peter’s Café Sport’, a little bar on the waterfront full of sailing and Atlantic cruising…

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Leg 5 18 June 2014

Peter writes regarding a battery issue

Owners View - 17 June, 2014

Position – 40°23N  24°51W Course – 025°T Speed – 9.0 knots True Wind – 345°T at 16 knots Peter writes regarding a battery issue While alongside in Bermuda, we noticed that after the generator had charged the batteries fully and was shut down, even with a minor load it took…

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Owners View 17 June 2014

The first thing we saw was the perfect cone of Pico

Leg 4 - 17 June, 2014

Horta – 16 June 2014 Dan writes Getting to the Azores turned out to be harder than we anticipated. We all felt we were on the home stretch last Friday with an ETA early on Saturday morning. Then the weather turned. We ran into a low pressure system and headed…

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Leg 4 17 June 2014

Safe in the Azores!

Leg 4 - 15 June, 2014

14/06/2014     -    1400 ship’s time Position – 37°36N 032°04W Course – 086°T Speed – 9.1 knots True Wind Direction – 228°T at 21 knots   From Matt The weather has thrown all it can at us to stop us making it to Horta. At this time yesterday we were actually…

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Leg 4 15 June 2014

Horta Tomorrow

Leg 4 - 13 June, 2014

12 06 2014 – Noon Position – 37° 01N 37° 51W COG – 079°T Course steered – 085°T Wind – 209°T at 17 knots Wave height – 1 metre Miles covered since New Zealand – 11,577 Miles to Horta (at 15:00 ship’s time) – 402 nm Average speed – 10…

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Leg 4 13 June 2014
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