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Grand Banks 42 Refit

Rowena, a 1968 Grand Banks 42

ROWENA’s restoration extended to some quite major work, including topsides and transom restoration, fitting her out with new bulwarks, new teak decks and new flybridge superstructure, painting and finishing. Each time a section was removed for restoration, it became apparent that further work would be needed to remove the rotten and unserviceable sections of hull and superstructure. All the time remembering that ROWENA had to be restored to her original looks from the late 1960s.

If you own a yacht, especially a wooden one, remember your grandmother’s sound advice; “a stitch in time saves nine“! In this case, however, the owners knew that there was work to be done and commented ” If she had not been at Berthon we don’t know what would have become of her”, her past refit history having been somewhat chequered.

Grand Banks 42

Topsides & Transom

Teak Decks & Flybridge

Painting & Finish

  • Restoration of the Topsides and Transom

    Rowena's transom stripped down (figure 1)

    Rowena’s transom stripped down (figure 1)

    Working on the topsides (figure 2)

    Working on the topsides (figure 2)

    Critical accuracy was required for this restoration work. In February this year, the original teak transom planks had to be carefully removed (figure 1), so that it could be reused following all the repair work scheduled to be carried out, to save ROWENA.

    Initially, all the topsides were carefully checked at the aft end, and the rotten wood and sections of planks removed over the winter. Then the rebuild began (figure 2), putting in planks, which needed to be tapered into the chine to fit the existing transom. Painstaking accuracy and time to fair the sections into the stern of the boat, gave the skilled team at Berthon a challenge. Their hours of work paid dividends.

    The finished transom (figure 3)

    The finished transom (figure 3)

    Finally, when the topside work was complete and the new hull structure was sound, the delicate realignment of the original teak transom began at the end of April (figure 3). It fitted perfectly first time!

  • New Teak Decks and Flybridge Superstructure

    Rowena's decks removed (figure 1)

    Rowena’s decks removed (figure 1)

    The stripped down superstructure (figure 2)

    The stripped down superstructure (figure 2)

    When the team of experts at Berthon came to start work on the new teak decks, they were dismayed to find that there was extensive rot in the sub decks. Therefore all the rot had to be removed section by section (figure 1) and rebuilt, before the new teak deck could be laid.

    Similar finds of extensive rot, reproduced throughout the superstructure and flybridge(figure 2 & 3).

    All the capping, bulwarks, decks and sub decks had to be removed and rebuilt before the final finish and deck could be laid.

    New planking for the flybridge (figure 3)

    New planking for the flybridge (figure 3)

  • Yacht Painting and Finish

    Rowena's beautiful, freshly varnished transom (figure 1)

    Rowena’s beautiful, freshly varnished transom (figure 1)

    Finished! (figure 2)

    Finished! (figure 2)

    The varnish work on the original transom is a work of art, with ROWENA’s name beautifully restored (figure 1).

    Painting of the hull and superstructure to the flybridge, following all the restoration work is now complete and ROWENA is back on the water, looking as good as she did when she was first launched in 1968 (figures 2 & 3).

    Finished! (figure 3)

    Finished! (figure 3)