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Broker’s Comments

PATIENCE is an exceptional, no compromise cruising yacht. She was originally used in Canada, before being bought by the owner of the Royal Van Dam Shipyard, for his own use. She is carefully designed so that she is under 15 metres and so she misses the restrictions imposed on yachts larger than this in Northern European and Mediterranean waters. Her original construction is of the highest quality and her interior is executed in warm rosewood. She is easily handled, with moderate draft and she has a spacious layout below decks with a protected cockpit and lots of deck space above. Her current owner has refitted her substantially and the work was carried out in Holland in 2014/15. The refit has totally upgraded the yacht in all respects and the intelligent and unfussy use of modern technology to make her ready for today’s yachting is beautifully done. Works carried out include paint, rig, electronics and a full systems overhaul.

After her passage from Lymington to the Canaries this Autumn it was decided to replace the Nordia drive solution with a standard water lubricated rubber bearing. A custom zinc anode was machined to fill the space between the propeller which was re-pitched and rope cutter. Near bearings, shaft, and PSS shaft seal were fitted and this was plumbed into the sea chest for water supply. The Maxprop and transmission interface plate were lapped in to guarantee proper alignment and to lock the shaft tappers. The yacht has just had new antifouling and the rudder has been regressed. Some other details were also attended to such as the installation of a safety rail in front of the cooker and spring restraints in the galley for the cabinet doors. PATIENCE is now ready for ocean sailing and she is offered at an attractive price point.

Owner’s Comments

The appeal of this boat came when I asked the question, “Why would the yard owner who designed and built this boat want to reacquire this boat for his own use?”. The answer is first its size. At 14.95 meters it both avoids the greater licensing, insurance and operational requirements of 15+ meter boats and more importantly it fits into most marinas especially in Northern Europe, many who have a 15 meter maximum size. The 1.8 meter draft also meets most marinas, canals and anchorage requirements. In addition, the interior of this boat is massive for this length of boat. Both the beam (4.6 Meters) and height (+2 meters) of the interior yield a truly functional living space. Its been compared favorably to many 55’ to 57’ cruisers made by other makers and even compares favorably to larger Nordia’s.

As all boats, this boat was produced as a compromise between all the possible characteristics each designer and customer brings with them when producing a custom yacht. This boat is more than the adherence to the original owner’s requirements. It is the culmination of many years of constant innovation from the designer who practiced evolutionary rather than revolutionary design. Modern Nordia’s show a clear learning process that Robert Van Dam brought to his work which yielded an amazing versatile boat capable of very high performance for their type, with a ride that transmits a solid safe feel to her passengers that never hints at being at risk. This boat has ridden out 50 knot winds in the North Sea without so much as a groan. The Sheel keel is powerful and always in control even though its draft is only 1.8 meters. She never pounds and due to her beautifully shaped hull provides a stiff solid feel in heel angles which always seem less than the conditions would demand.

The construction of Nordia’s are well known for their quality of materials, superb build detail and extreme strength. I can attest to never hearing a groan, crack or hint of failure of any part of the boat. Very few boats ever attained the quality and sophistication of construction and quality that is found in this boat.

The hull is heavily constructed aluminum and has never suffered degradation from corrosion or electrical issues. The deck stepped mast is the strongest I have found. With 12 stays the rig is very capable of carrying full sails well into the mid 20 knot range. We regularly travel in the mid 8’s with only 15 to 17 knots of wind on the beam. At 12 knots we are in the solid 7’s. The highest speed through the water we have attained was 9.2 knots in 25 knots, and that was with only the main and Jib. Putting up the new staysail always seems to add another knot in the mid-range of winds and in high winds will allow the Jib to be furled with no noticeable reduction in speed.

The rigging was redone by a talented race boat rigger in Holland this winter and care was taken to add functionality and performance without going beyond the capabilities of the design. The result has been a very nice reduction in weight aloft, integration of some very useful new technology and a better performance envelope. The replacement of the second level backstays with running backstays eliminated the limitations on boom angle while removing a great amount of weight aloft. The halyard cars has made halyard tension adjustments easy and repeatable and the new Bamar Vang has improved control on the main.

The low mileage Perkins engine and related drive gear and transmission have been bulletproof. Mileage averages about 2 miles per liter, sometimes better or worse depending on environment and haste. Cruising just above idle will give a 6 knot cruise with 9 knots being attainable under the right circumstances. All the related tanks and fittings are well thought out and easily serviced. The engine driven bow thruster is powerful and can be revved quite high for a serious amount of thrust necessary for a boat of this size and weight. When approaching a dock at idle it gives more than enough control in even serious cross winds.

The stainless work was all gone over with a new pushpit being produced with integral folding davits, Rode reel for 200 meters of rode and 10 meters of 10mm add-on anchor chain. A mount for the Fortress anchor and integral stern seats. The new Bimini and Dodger integrate very nicely together and when using the teak deck stands its possible to helm the boat and view above the dodger while being fully protected by the Bimini. All SS tubes were upgraded to 32mm heavy wall to allow the frames to be safely used as hand holds in rough weather. A full enclosure for the cockpit provides great protection when raining or cold. It’s easily unzipped when not needed.

The galley is well stocked with most appliances a cook will ever need. The 1100 liters of water and large boiler will provide ample clean hot water for 6 or more people on an extended cruise. The comfortable births, large showers and washer/dryer give one all the comforts of home. The new Li/Ion battery system can provide ample power for long periods between charges. The electronics suite is state of the art with intelligently thought out back-up systems and interfaces.

After purchasing the boat in 2014, it was cruised in and around the Baltic and North Sea and did the English Channel in 2015. Unfortunately due to business issues my future sailing will be limited to the West Coast of the US where this boat is not as beautifully suited, so I have made the decision to sell it at a great price and let the next person enjoy its great capabilities and quality. The boat has been very well prepared and the new owner simply needs to take over the normal maintenance and care from where I will leave off. Total 2014/15 refit costs of the boat is approximately Euro 370,000 which makes this an excellent value. No similar boat exists that can come close to the value and quality offered.

In 2017 I have improved her further, and she is now completely ready for her new owner.

Yacht Details

  1. Builder: Van Dam Shipyard
  2. Model: Nordia 49 Cruiser
  3. Name: PATIENCE
  4. Hull Designer: Robert Van Dam
  5. Year Built: 1989
  6. LOA: 49’ / 14.95m
  7. LWL: 44’3” / 13.5m
  8. Beam: 15’1” / 4.60m
  9. Min / Max Draft: 5’10” / 1.80m
  10. Displacement: 21,772kg / 47,999lb
  11. Accommodation: 6 berths in 2 cabin(s) / 2 head/WC(s)
  12. Engine: 1 Perkins (90hp) Diesel
  13. Price: £285,000, VAT paid

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