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Advanced Yachts – A80 Hull #2 progress…

November 24, 2017

A few months have passed and the progress of A80 is coming along beautifully, having reached a number of milestones she is now starting to look like a yacht.

The construction of the A80 uses resin infusion, sometimes known as vacuum infusion. Although this is a modern technique, resin infusion was used in aviation manufacturing in the 1970s. Resin infusion is a superb system as the process is finely controlled and as a result less resin is used. Unlike the traditional method of using rollers or painting, the resin infusion process has guaranteed coverage and produces a lighter product for the same strength.

The shipyard has been busy over the last few months preparing the deck which involved layers of carbon fibre and foam being stuck together. Once complete the bulk heads and longitudinal stringers were fitted to the hull ready for infusion.

The resin infusion started with the mould cavity. It was covered with a special bag which is then sealed, creating a vacuum. The resin is then pulled into the mould using a vacuum via a series of pipes; pulling the resin through the dry laminate, ensuring greater coverage with no holes or bubbles. The infusion only takes a few hours after which the mould is then left to cure for 2 to 3 days.

Once cured the fit out begins on the internal compartments and bulk heads. The next few months will see the engine, furniture and systems being installed, with the deck due to be fitted to the hull in April next year.


Hull and Deck infusion taking place (the glue is pulled through the pipes).


Longitudinal stringers fitted ready for infusion.

Completed hull lamination, the hull is moved for the next fit out phase.

Fairing the hull to smooth out lumps and bumps.

Deck mould ready for infusion.

Layering the deck with carbon fibre and foam ready for infusion.

Forward bulk head being fitted ready for infusion.

While fitting the bulk heads, the outside of the hull is faired.

Following the deck infusion, the clean-up begins.


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