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Boats that Rock…

June 28, 2013


The world is getting smaller and we now find ourselves working with a truly international client base, with potential Windy purchasers making contact in 2013 from as far away as Latvia, Hong Kong, Argentina and even Australia. We are also working on a daily basis with clients based on the continent, from Scandinavia and a network of established international co-operating brokerages. We have always seen a strong demand on brokerage for Windy Boats (Windy Coho 29 pictured above and below) heading back to Scandinavia, with potential purchasers making the most of benefits in exchange rates.


In recent years this demand has tailed off slightly as the home market has softened in countries such as Sweden in particular, but as the economy picks up the enquiries have started to come back.

We have also found in 2013 that successive unpredictable summers here in the UK have encouraged more and more of our owners to consider keeping their boats in warmer climates, and as such we are often sourcing Windy boats overseas and working in close collaboration with our sister Windy dealership in the South of France, as well as the Windy dealer network as a whole.

What boat did YOU draw when you were at school?


Here is young Seb Wand’s drawing of his dream boat. As you can see, Seb was after Windy 40 Maestro with a long, opening hardtop roof, some major satellite TV capability, and of course the metallic copper hull.

When his father and family first came to Berthon’s Lymington Marina, on a fairly cloudy, grey Solent day, looking for their first boat to eventually take to their dream location in the South of France, it took a bit of time jumping off Windy 35 Khamsins, sporty 28 Ghiblis and a few other boats to work out what would best suit “the plan”.

After many discussions, phone conversations, and a bit of propitious timing, the perfect solution to the 3 boat conundrum arrived in the shape of a Windy 42 Grand Bora. Cosseted by her previous doting owner who was moving up through the range, the Grand Bora is perhaps the ideal Med-cruiser for the Wand family. She has a great cabin set-up for Seb and his siblings, with enough space, light and storage for comfortable days out on the water. Up on deck, there is a great driving position, plenty of sheltered seating, two big sun-pads and (of course) a garage for the all-important dinghy…

The family have learned to run the boat here in Lymington, under the guiding eye of a local trainer, and now take her down to the open boating playground of Poole Harbour, up the winding Beaulieu River, or over to the idyllic Newtown Creek.


It has been a complete pleasure to help in finding, setting up, handing over and looking after the Grand Bora (pictured above) for the family. Sadly for Seb, there is no coloured hull on this one – but of course we can always dream of the next boat…

Next stop Cannes!

“We are now having beautiful sunny weather in the South of France, and more and more nationalities from all over Europe seem to be enjoying boating in the Côte d’Azur” said Bruno at Berthon France.


We sold this Windy 40 Maestro to a client from Scandinavia who is going to enjoy boating with his family in and around Cannes, before exploring other part of the Mediterranean. She will then be transported to his home port, Turku – Finland where the look of this awesome 40 Maestro will be rivaled only by the fantastic archipelagoes – what a great place to cruise.


Finally, being all weather boats, we are encouraging all our Windy customers to cruise as far as possible to discover the magnificent European coastlines, but especially the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Elba. It is not all about cruising; our yachts are but a launching point from which you can discover scenic views, different types of cuisine and meet all kinds of local people (picture above is taken from a Windy off Bonifacio, Corsica).

Such a positive experience will be in your thoughts all year and have you looking forward to next season.

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