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Berthon Market Report // 2017

April 21, 2017


We release a yacht market report annually and this year is no exception. We look carefully at the trends and happenings in our markets, and there are reports from the brokerage team focusing on their individual parts of the business. We also offer a forecast for the balance of 2017 – although we freely admit that we did not expect Theresa May’s news of a snap election and certainly did not forecast it!

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See below for the subjects that we are featuring in this report:

06-13 // From The Flight Decks.
The expanded Berthon Sales team returns to talk challenges, successes and near misses in 2016.






14-15 // Talking Points – cool to the point of freezing.
Our coolboard makes a triumphant return (technology and innovation is moving at a rattling pace!).

16-17 // A word about the web.
We have a word about the web – discussing what a traditional yacht broker brings to our new digital frontier.


18-19 // Solar, and other forms of power generation.
Always at the forefront of design, legend Steve Dashew writes on solar, and other forms of power generation.

20-21 // Directions in yacht instruments and electronics.
Experienced racing yacht navigator Hugh Agnew has the griff on yacht instruments and electronics.

22-23 // Yacht sales.
We discuss mountains, Mohamad and the challenges involved in leaving your magic carpets in far off climes.


24-25 // Yacht racing and how it looks in 2017.
Things get retrospective with yacht racing, deliberating how, with the march of technology, your much loved hobby has become a sophisticated sport?


26-27 // Refit, renovate, remodel – a viable solution?
There’s a look at the options when it comes to refit, renovation and remodelling – and why some yachtsmen are choosing this over potential new builds.


28-29 // ‘It’s the economy, stupid’…
After the melee that was ‘2016’, we analyse trends within our market, and conclude whether or not the economy is at fault.


30-31 // 2017 Berthon Forecast
In what has become an annual tradition, we make the 2017 Berthon forecast – and after last years ‘frivolities’, the coming year is potentially the hardest yet to call!


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