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All about Advanced Yachts

June 24, 2016


In October 2010, the Advanced 66 was launched at Genoa. Everyone in the yachting world was struck by her sweet lines, high tech light construction and super interior. There was plenty of Italian flair and as now, the idea of the use of new materials and design to deliver yachts which are fast, light and easy to handle with smaller sail areas was in the ascendancy.

Here at Berthon we watched Advanced Yachts develop and grow from a one model company to a yard with a full range from 44 to 80 feet, taking their place amongst other yachts of the same genre – Nautor Swan, Baltic, Solaris, Shipman and Southern Wind.

Below you will see some information about the range and yacht tests which speak for themselves –


The A44 is the current baby sister of the fleet which won European Yacht of the Year in 2015.


On launch the A66 won the Best Interior Award. She has also been well reviewed.






The A80. Winner of the cruising class of the ARC 2015

Any business is defined by the people who own, run and work in it and at Advanced Yachts it is the founders and owners of Advanced that make the yachts the exceptional sailing machines that they are.

Marco Tursini and Antonella Di Leo have been together for over 2 decades – and during that time they have sailed together a lot. Advanced is a newcomer to the yachting scene but it is backed by Holding InvestBiz which is an active track record in finance, property and publishing. As Antonella puts it –

‘Thanks to our experience in a wide variety of different areas and years of analysis of the marine sector in general and the sailing yacht one in particular, we feel we now have exciting new ideas to bring to this entirely fascinating world.

This is not simply a shared hobby but a genuine passion for the sea that we are turning into a business.

Because of the current market situation, we have been able to put together a highly experience and qualified team of professionals in a very short space of time. The team’s expertise spans the entire spectrum from design to building, marketing, communications and project management. All of its members cut their professional teeth in internationally renowned organisations. The first issues we broached were high performance together with comfort, light and space layout. Oftentimes, space onboard is designed along purely functional lines without any real consideration being given to more subjective aspects such as relaxation and creating a sense of joie de vivre.

This is what we really thought’.

At the core of the Advanced Yachts is the philosophy that the owner should enjoy the build process with the possibility for semi-custom production. The Advanced team handles all the design and construction complexities involving the owner proactively with the customisation choices. The aim is to ensure that the total process from order to construction, to the delivery and management of the yacht is a genuine pleasure, as each yacht is tailored, unique and specific to her owner.

The design of the range has taken an enormous amount of time and resource in the development of each yacht. Design is not just the aesthetic but extends to a study of th function aspects of every detail both on deck and below. This combined with new generation waterlines means that interior volumes are possible that would have been unthinkable aboard a more conventional design.

Seakeeping and safety are also central to the design process. All fit out and furnishing details are designed with functionality in mind to make living aboard more comfortable. Drawing natural light into the interiors is key aboard the Advanced range which makes for airy accommodation but also gives total visual contact with the ouside world. The cockpits are huge for easy use and for outside living. Nauta Design work with Advanced to ensure that colours and materials internally create a wonderful ambience.

For us at Berthon, the construction of the yachts was of huge interest. All Advanced yachts are significantly lighter than other similar yachts on the market at the moment. Advanced deliver high performance hulls with new generation waterline which provide high speed in light breezes. The yachts are built either of sandwich with carbon reinforcements that are vacuum infused with epoxy using a post cure thermal treatment or more high tech than this, up to full carbon hulls. The Advanced female moulds are built used numerically controlled milling machines for both hull and deck. These techniques are not cheap but they mean that the yachts are exceptionally light with perfectly finished surfaces. Further, the build process ensures structural rigidity.

As Antonella says –

‘Advanced is staffed by a group of professionals that have been sailing all their lives and thus are incredibly familiar with the needs, requirements and desires of seafaring folk. A customer-oriented company that puts its clients and the fulfilment of their desires at the very centre of its philosophy. We want to share positive experiences with our clients and create relationships with them that will stand the test of time. Advanced quite simply aims to maximise the pleasure of life aboard by offering the thrill of light and space as we push the boundaries in search of beautiful design and performance under sail.’

Berthon are now working with Advanced to market and sell Advanced Yachts in the USA and UK. Our relationship has begun at a key time, with the development of the new A62 and A100, and full details of these yachts will be announced in a few months time.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at the Cannes Boat Show where the A80 will be available for you to see, touch, and may be even write a new build cheque for…

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