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Are you up for a Challenge…?

October 7, 2016

The BT Challenge fleet are internationally famous for the series of races that they undertook around our planet against prevailing winds and currents, navigating the challenges of the Southern Ocean and all points between. Here at Berthon we have been involved with these extraordinary yachts from the start – painting them, refitting them, supporting them and selling them. At one stage or another the whole fleet of both Challenge 67s and Challenge 72s have passed through our hands and through Berthon’s Big Blue Sheds.




At any one time we normally have a Challenge yacht or 2 for sale. At the moment we are delighted to offer 5 – 72s and 67s in a variety of colours and specifications. What is common to them all is their robust, unbreakable construction and their ability to sail to the corners of the world both commercially and privately, exploring the world’s oceans and giving life-changing experiences to those who sail aboard them.

Below are the details of the Challenge Yachts that are available via Berthon currently –

CHALLENGE BUSINESS 45 – Challenge 72


Challenge Business 45 was badged at BG in the Challenge fleet and then became BIG SPIRIT where she was a familiar sight on the ARC start line and where she sailed and chartered extensively on both sides of the Atlantic. During a pre-Atlantic crossing pit-stop ashore, she fell from her cradle and her steel hull took the brunt of the blow damaging her structure, losing her rig, and leaving a hole in her port side. Her current owners saw the potential of this damaged Challenge yacht and on further inspection, it became apparent that there was no movement in the joint between the hull and the keel meaning the damage had been more localised than previously thought. Her new owners (and after extensive consultation with the original Challenge team) decided she could be fully repaired and they committed to bringing her back to her former glory. What followed was months of gruelling hard work and intensive collaboration with MCA coding surveyors Mecal to repair the structural damage. This phase of the work is now completed and she awaits a new owner who will complete the transformation and take her sailing

IRONBARQUE – Challenge 72


IRONBARQUE is new to the market, and after her sale from Berthon she repositioned to the West Coast of the USA. Unlike her sisters, IRONBARQUE has been sailed extensively privately, undergoing a refit along the way to make her fit for that purpose. Her equipment, including dual carbon fibre spinnaker poles, is perfect for running downwind and her powered winches have been added to support the halyards and the blade jib sheets. In addition, long range fuel tanks have been fitted as well as the capability for wind and solar electricity generation. She has just finished a pit-stop to prepare her for sale and she is gleaming…

DISCOVERER – Challenge 67


DISCOVERER was born as Challenge Business 30 before joining the Joint Services fleet which has seen her sail far. A recent replacement of her rig, standing and running rigging plus sails, was a huge investment and much of her electronics outfit is recent together with generator and more. A pit-stop is now needed to fit her for more oceans and her asking price reflects this…

SPIRIT OF CONRAD – Challenge 67


Currently stationed in Antigua, she was the prototype Challenge 67, overbuilt and heavier than her sisters. She never raced round the world and was used as a training vessel when with the Challenge Business. She had an extraordinary career thereafter –

In need of some TLC when bought by this owner, she now has new engine, generator and electrics. She also has new paint and is looking very fresh.

WHIRLWIND – Challenge 67


WHIRLWIND was a member of the UKSA fleet after leaving the Challenge business and in her current ownership she has been used for sail training in Brittany, together with her sister 67.

In the words of her current owners, ‘she’ll never let you down, even if you deserve it!’ She is offered for sale in full cruising trim.


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