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Discover the difference with MORE MAGIC

October 1, 2013

Discover the difference with MORE MAGIC

Launched in 2010, MORE MAGIC was this owner’s second Discovery and she was conceived and built for comfortable world cruising with full time crew onboard. It was also important that the yacht could charter effectively so the layout was optimised to offer 3 excellent guest suites and good separate accommodation for crew.

Discover the difference with MORE MAGIC - 2 Discover the difference with MORE MAGIC - 3 Discover the difference with MORE MAGIC - 4he build encompassed the need for MCA coding and the chaps at Marchwood worked with her owners and their surveyor to ensure that she delivered on the requirements for family use as well as charter.

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After completion, MORE MAGIC was exhibited at the Southampton Boat Show where she was the star of the show. That Autumn she sailed to the Canaries and then to Antigua so that she could be shown at the December Charter Show. For charter yachts in this area this show is the holy grail so it was very important that she was there gleaming with her and her crew on display for the charter agents from literally all over the world that congregate at this great event.

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During her short life she has spent each winter since between December and May in the Caribbean cruising between Grenada and the BVI and all the islands between these 2 points. During the summer she has based herself on the US East Coast between New York and Maine, sailing everywhere and anywhere on this stunning coastline including Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Sag Habor.

This programme has worked brilliantly for her owners as they have had access to the yacht for effectively 2 seasons in 2 areas that have glorious cruising every calendar year. Because she has a pre-arranged cruising programme family and friends can easily plan to join her as their itineraries allow. She has a full time crew of 2 and has been immaculately maintained because of the quality of the crew and also because the programming of her year allows for specific down time periods to ensure that the maintenance is properly executed. Discovery After Sales have also offered continuous support to ensure that the yacht gives troublefree as well as fun sailing.

The big surprise has been the scale of her success on the charter market where she has shone amongst yachts offered in this sector. Her open cockpit arrangement with twin wheels, proper deck saloon and great guest cabins offer comfort that has wowed those who have chartered the yacht. On an annual basis she averages around 10 weeks a year of charter. At US$20,000 a week, a gross revenue of around US$200,000 certainly helps with the running costs.

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MORE MAGIC has her own website – as well as great crew and very shiny topsides!

Her owners have loved the MORE MAGIC experience, saying –
`MORE MAGIC is a wonderful vessel….quick, comfortable and safe. She is great for entertaining, with the layout and the big cockpit (we love the bimini with sides that create a wonderful big room if there is a bit of wind or rain). We also like the spacious feeling and we all feel safe whilst onboard. We also like the fact that she is very pretty!’

We are now offering MORE MAGIC for sale and she was a much admired and visited yacht at the Newport Brokerage Show. Unfortunately, her owners have now decided that it is time to say goodbye as they are not using her enough although they have loved the MM experience.

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Discovery is not so well known as some other European brands but MORE MAGIC is certainly helping to raise the profile quickly. We think that crewed yachts of this type with a sensible cruising programme offer a lot over their smaller owner driver sisters. If you have limited time it means that you can be sure that you spend every minute enjoying the yacht and not with your head in the bilge fixing stuff, and so much more of the year is used as the yacht does not lay up for 6 months – so she is a holiday destination for family and friends which is always ready to sail. Her charter programme does not make money, but it does help with the cost of ownership.

Discovery 67 – More Magic


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