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We take our hats off to the Tall Ships Youth Trust

March 18, 2016

We have worked with the Tall Ships Youth Trust/Sail Training Association for a number of years. Their sail training yachts are a familiar sight both on the Solent and internationally – with their orange and blue graphics and enthusiastic crews of youngsters, learning about ship board life, team work and of course having a thoroughly good time.
stavros s niarchos 60m tall ship
The Trust is one of the world’s oldest and largest sailing charities and they have been making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged and disabled youngsters for around 60 years. Sailing is a great leveller, and giving these 12 to 25 year olds the opportunity to go to sea to learn about themselves, as well as the world around them, is life changing on every level.

During their history they have owned a number of ships and yachts, and as the world changes, the Trust is committed to getting their fleet right to ensure that they continue to deliver on their mandate to make a difference to the lives of those who sail with them.

The Trust has been around for 60 years and has had, during this time, a number of vessels in its fleet.  Some of us will remember their schooners the MALCOLM MILLER and SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL – with their distinctive good looks at Tall Ships races and in many ports around the world. They were replaced with 2 x 60 metre Tall Ships with 67 berths a piece across 18 cabins and they gave sterling service.

PRINCE WILLIAM was sold a few years ago, and her sister the STAVROS S NIARCHOS is now on the market to make way for a smaller Tall Ship that will allow the Trust to do smaller group work.

In full cruising trim with a recent refit just completed, STAVROS was built in 2000 and comes with a full specification including air condition, sewage treatment and satellite communications. With 6 water tight compartments, she is one of the few Tall Ships in the world with proper survivability.

STAVROS does great work with young people, covering all the activities necessary for close communal living at sea. Whilst on board they live, work and eat together and take responsibility for both themselves and others as they set sails, helm, navigate, clean, cook and offer support to their peers. Young people soon realise that the more effort they put, the more they get out.  Their self-confidence grows and with a clear view of a wide horizon, their aspirations soar.

Here are some images of this great yacht.

stavros s niarchos 60m tall ship stavros s niarchos 60m tall ship stavros s niarchos 60m tall shipstavros s niarchos 60m tall shipstavros s niarchos 60m tall shipAlso her specification – 60m Tall Ship – Stavros S Niarchos

However, the Trust now needs to say goodbye to the STAVROS, to focus on a fleet restructuring plan which will see her replaced by a smaller Tall Ship to enable more intensive work with disadvantaged and disabled youngsters. Of course the Trust also runs 4 x Challenge 72s, made famous by the Challenge Business as they raced around the world against prevailing winds and currents. Berthon were involved in the sale of these great yachts to the Trust, which are now making a difference to the lives of many young people.

Because of this new plan, the STAVROS, which would cost around £20m to replace today, has just been reduced in price. An astonishing platform for adventure sailing, exploring high latitude and in full operational order with certification through to 2020, if you can help us to find a new home for her please do contact us, and if not – please raise your hat to this extraordinary group of people at the Tall Ships Youth Trust and the great work that they do.

stavros s niarchos 60m tall ship

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