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Help Us Compile the Berthon Good Food Guide to the Caribbean!

September 23, 2016

As supporters of the ARC, each year Berthon hand out a message to the fleet which we hope is helpful on their arrival to the Caribbean…


Knowing the best places to wine and dine is a serious priority…

We would be so grateful for your suggestions of your favourite places from Grenada to the US Virgins so that we can help the 2016 ARC fleet to refuel…and for those who’ve never experienced the Caribbean, here are some of the views you can expect once you arrive…




English Harbour & Falmouth Harbour, Antigua


Le Pitons, St Lucia


View from St Kitts


Chatham Bay, Union Island

Please send your suggestions to and we will add them to our list.

… and if you want some help getting in the mood, we recommend sampling at least two glasses of this awesome rum cocktail…after all, as they say in the Caribbean, ‘the bird can’t fly on one wing’!

The Grenade-a

One chilled tumbler, filled with ice.
A healthy measure of River Antoine Rum.
1 x Measure Grenadian nutmeg syrup.
1 x Large wedge of lime.
1 x Teaspoon caster sugar.
A dash of blue curacao.
… and grated nutmeg to finish.

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