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“It is not only one way traffic”

July 30, 2015

Berthion Shipyard, marina, brokerageDuring the last few weeks, in addition to the traditional flow of spring and early summer fit outs, Berthon’s three divisions have been working seamlessly to react to an increased demand on the boat movement programme.  As new berth holders arrive, other yachts as above and below, have been  in preparation to be sold by Berthon International.  Ten have already been shipped to the bustling port of Southampton, launched and delivered to our Lymington HQ which is less than an hour away.   After a lift, pressure wash and meticulous spruce they are delicately positioned amongst the brokerage gantries for the world to see!  Our latest globetrotters include:-

Bowman 48 Penoliam Bowman 42 RIGHT TURN
PENOLIAM (Bowman 42) Caribbean circuits and USA East coast with full bluewater specification
RIGHT TURN (Bowman 42) Caribbean circuits and USA East coast with full bluewater specification

Southery 420 - BLUE DOLPHINBowman 45 Flight of Time
BLUE DOLPHIN (Southerly 420) Caribbean circuit – FLIGHT OF TIME (Bowman 45) Caribbean circuit
Malo 45 - WHITE EGRETOyster 54 SURYA
WHITE EGRET (Malo 45) Caribbean circuit – SURYA (Oyster 54) Caribbean circuit
Oyster 56 OYSTER BLEWDynamique 62 IMPULSE
OYSTER BLEW Oyster 56) Caribbean circuit and USA East Cost. Full bluewater specification – IMPULSE (Dynamique 62) Caribbean circuit.

Whilst this hustle and bustle of incoming activity provides plentiful replacements for potential buyers to view, traffic is not one way!  Yacht sales this year have been good as lower taxes in the UK have fuelled demand.  A plateau during the election period prevailed, but a veritable faucet aroused a promising future following the successful outcome for the Conservatives in their assurance not to raise taxes for the next five years in which they hold the purse strings.   As a direct result, our bustling marina team not only had to accommodate the needs of existing bertholders, but an influx of outside applications proved to be an exciting and welcoming challenge, although with such a flurry of new applications, we strongly advise that existing bertholders notify us in advance of changing their vessel in an effort to accommodate their needs.

It would appear that new owners are buoyed by this more stable environment and many are joining regular clients who have been preparing for their extended cruising in blue waters around the globe. One such example is the 1936 built BOUNTY which underwent a massive refit at Berthon in the noughties and is now moving south to spend time in the Mediterranean.  Earlier this year, 83’ 1936 built BOUNTY arrived again to undertake her spring maintenance program here at our boatyard and needless to say, after our valeting team got their “mitts” on her… she left the yard looking tip top and ready for her next adventure!

Other such examples of berth holders leaving for all points of the planet include:

GREY WOLF in the Artic

GREY WOLF – FPB 64 – Currently in Norway and cruising around the Arctic Circle, read more on the GREY WOLF Summer Adventure

DEUCALION – Whistock 60 is off on a 4 year World Cruise via the Caribbean and the Panama Canal.

NORDLYS – Swan 47 is off on her yearly Baltic cruise via Kiel Canal.

SPIRIT OF LUNDY – Hallberg-Rassy 42 – is heading to the Med this summer.

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