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Berthon Coronavirus Update

March 20, 2020

Dear Friends of Berthon,

We are operating as normally as possible during these curious times.

Berthon is maintaining our full service with the quality, attention and high standards we’ve always shown. Our boatyard, marina, brokerage, new boat sales, BHG, Gemini and Versadock are actively working. We are managing to cope with the current situation, by following advice given by the Government, to provide our employees, clients and suppliers protection within our premises.

Constant communication is key to the continuation of our business functions with both our customers and our suppliers, and wherever possible these will be performed by phone, e-mail or other electronic communication.

We have a number of social media channels which we will regularly update with information about life at Berthon. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. We will also be posting regular content on our websites to lift spirits and transport us away to the oceans and yachts of our dreams. You are the heart of Berthon so please don’t get lonely or feel you are on your own. Our pages are for the boating community and we always appreciate hearing from you. We are all at the end of a phone line whether you are at work or isolating at home so please do talk to us as well.

These are unprecedented times although Berthon has of course previously traded through some rather challenging periods during our 143 year history. We have a strong balance sheet and a healthy cash position to see us through this crisis and we fully believe that remaining positive is the key to driving the economy forward as a whole. When we reach the other side we will still be here, ready to support our clients and be a part of rebuilding the economy.

We are thinking positive and being optimistic: please look after yourself and stay safe.

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