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A piece of Berthon’s History – 36’ 12 ton Gauntlet MORNING FLIGHT

February 13, 2018


We were recently contacted by Blake B., an innovative artist living in the USA who last November bought MORNING FLIGHT. She’s 12 ton, 36 foot wooden Gauntlet sailing yacht, built by Berthon in 1938.

…so we felt compelled to share Blake’s campaign with you.


Blake was smitten with MORNING FLIGHT the moment he saw her last year, despite her being in a very sorry state. She had clearly been neglected, freshwater had accumulated in the cockpit with all that this implies, the exterior varnish work was peeling and faded, the white canvas canopy was now yellow, everything was wet and anything metal ran red with rust.


Blake set to restoring MORNING FLIGHT to her former glory and has been working on her since November last year. Currently living aboard the yacht at Port Ludlow Marina Resort in Washington State, USA, he has had a long list of tasks to complete. Having already restored the DC power and engine, the plan is to complete the restoration by mid-April 2018. Next month MORNING FLIGHT will be moved to nearby Port Townsend Marina where she will be lifted ashore for further work. Once this is complete Blake plans to sail her to San Diego. She will become Blake’s inspiration over the coming months as he hopes to post regular updates of the completed tasks with videos, photos, art and songs.


What is even more unique about this huge project is that Blake will be installing some recording equipment on the yacht, turning her into a traveling recording studio. Blake hopes to have musicians aboard when he sails to San Diego, giving them the unique opportunity to write music in some of the most remote parts of the Pacific.


In 2019 Blake plans to sail her some 8,000 nautical miles back to her birth place here at The Shipyard where he will receive a warm welcome from us all at Berthon.


We wish Blake good luck and fair winds for his passage.


A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help raise much needed funds for materials and supplies for the restoration of MORNING FLIGHT.

Further details on the restoration project are at:


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