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The use of recycled material within our carpark barriers

July 3, 2018

Carpark Barriers at Berthon

Recycling at Berthon has always been important to us, the use of recycled material within our carpark barriers helps complete this process.

Our Barriers are manufactured using repurposed waste plastic in conjunction with stainless steel fittings incorporating aluminium sign frames, for restricted parking, replacing the original timber units which had come to the end of their life.

These barriers are used to differentiate car park and walkways throughout the site. Following extensive research we could not find a readymade solution, so in the true Berthon tradition, we sourced recyclable plastic, designed and manufactured them in-house to be as bullet-proof as possible, visible day & night and a deterrent to children wanting to tightrope walk them; furthermore they are up to 50% cheaper than treated wood and very low maintenance.  They are also pretty much UV-proof.

The new barriers have the following additional qualities –

  • They will not rot and do not require any weather treatment.
  • Vegetation/Algae will not grow on them.
  • They float but are heavy enough to stay put.

We would expect to replace timber barriers every 10 -15 years although the plastic will well exceed this. Different kinds of plastic can degrade at different times, but the average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biodegrade! Our Barriers make use of this waste product which in turn has removed a requirement for 7 cubic meters of timber within our facility, saving trees and helping the environment. These have been so successful that a competitor marina has asked us to make up 100 units for them – For more information please contact our Property Manager Andrew Gale.

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