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Volvo Penta Open Day Round-Up

June 17, 2016


Last Saturday saw Berthon host the Volvo Penta open day in collaboration with S.A.L Marine, the local Volvo Penta agent for Lymington. The day was well attended and despite being dogged by intermittent showers as is customary for the Great British Summer these days, the strawberries, fresh coffee and Prosecco on hand (courtesy of our good friends at S.A.L Marine) helped to liven up ground level beneath the soggy skies!


The purpose of the day was to showcase the new technology Volvo Penta are creating, very much with owner and driver in mind. Modern cruising requires improved stability, manoeuvrability, and control, as well as less noise and vibration, and Volvo Penta are pulling out all the stops to bring this technology (sideways!) in to dock. Volvo Penta’s modus operandi is easy boating, and it is therefore the driving force behind implementing these systems.


To begin the day, delegates were ushered in to our Big Blue Shed for a highly informative presentation by Volvo Penta UK’s Graham Pretty detailing their hot-off-the-press product launches – quite literally – those in attendance were privy to information only just making its way onto the market.

The insider’s scoop included the new D8 engine, and IPS 700 (550HP) and IPS800 (600HP) installations, ideally suited to boats between the 45-55’ mark, which will sit above the current IPS 600 engines currently used by Windy on their Windy 46 Chinook and above.

Following this, the action moved to the marquee where all delegates were invited to have a go on the swanky simulator – just as fun as it sounds – as well as understand exactly how the new bits of kit worked, as demonstrated on the (sizeable) equipment on display. Graham also took the opportunity to run through their new Battery Control Module, which acts as a main hub for the boat’s electric system.

The clever little E-key remote was also on show; this new and very handy bit of kit allows you to control and manage the power functions on board your boat with a single key fob, without having to manually control traditional isolators. For example, you can stand on the dock and turn on your services and pre-determined systems at the touch of a button…just don’t get it muddled up with your car keys or you could face a long walk home…!

GARMIN’s Nigel Crane was on hand to show off their latest products and features of the Volvo Penta glass cockpit, which integrates all drive information in one location.

The Volvo IPS (the modern inboard system) represents an up-to-the-minute replacement for shaft drive installations, with improvements in economy, vibration and joystick manoeuvrability. The IPS units can also be linked with Volvo’s dynamic positioning system, which holds the boat’s position and heading at the touch of a button.


All in all, it was a great day of knowledge-sharing with talks and demonstrations proving informative for anyone and everyone – from power boat novice to die-hard enthusiast – and without a doubt, all came away with a better understanding of the functionality of the products on display, and a heightened appreciation of the technical nous that goes into producing them.

As our relationship with Volvo Penta and S.A.L Marine goes from strength to strength, we look forward to welcoming you at our next power boat event, rain notwithstanding!

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