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Berthon Rib Solutions

Berthon RIB Solutions supports the Royal Lymington Yacht Club Junior Regatta

August 12, 2019

Berthon RIB Solutions loan a new Gemini Waverider 505 Sailing School Coaching & Safety Boat to the RLYMYC The newly launched Gemini Waverider 505 Sailing School Coaching & Safety Boat from Berthon RIB Solutions was recently loaned to Royal Lymington Yacht Club to support the 82 entries in the Junior…

Berthon Rib Solutions UK & Ireland Gemini RIB distributor

August 5, 2019

Berthon Rib Solutions Ltd has experienced a busy first 6 months as the newly appointed UK & Ireland Gemini RIB distributor. We have received and fitted out 2 stock boats, the Gemini Waverider 780 and Waverider 880, which are both now berthed on VersaDock floating dock system in Berthon Marina…

Berthon Rib Solutions and Gemini RIBs demonstrate shock-mitigation seating at Seawork

June 4, 2019

In the open ocean, coxswains and crews of high-speed craft can be at risk of injury and fatigue from the constant pounding of waves. Even at modest speeds, the accelerations associated with wave impacts are substantial, and the accumulation of exposure can have lasting consequences in the form of acute…