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A marine expedition with Discovery 55 CHANCE DISCOVERY.

December 5, 2017


Discovery 55 CHANCE DISCOVERY is well known to us. She is currently positioned in the stunning cruising grounds of Montenegro. She is the perfect platform for a relaxed charter, or to check out the Discovery 55 if you are planning a blue water adventure and a 55 is on your Christmas wish list.


However, she is also involved with – the Marine Mammals Research Association – and this year will be joining in with important research work, of which you can be part. The expedition covers the coastal and offshore waters of Southern Adriatic to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea starting in Montenegro and ending in Turkey. The tour will be divided into four sectors. You may join for any or all of the sectors. Please read below…

The owners of CHANCE DISCOVERY (Indigo Blue Sailing) and the Marine Mammals Research Association is offering a unique opportunity to join its Marine Wildlife Research Expedition.

You can participate in sailing the yacht, join in with the research team or just sit back, relax and watch the team in action.


The expedition aims to explore areas where there is little known. The expert team of researchers will be introducing you to the wonder of marine mammals, their main threats and the possible ways to contribute to protecting their vulnerable world. You will be given the chance to experience unforgettable close encounters with these magnificent creatures, and learn the essential role they play in our oceans. Moreover, you will see first hand the scientific data collection process through visual sightings, live genetic samplings and hydrophone and drone recordings.





The Mediterranean Sea is a biodiversity hotspot; however much of it is unexplored with heavy human foot prints from to the coast to its deep waters. Due to a lack of scientific research, there are little to no conservation measures in action to protect Mediterranean waters and their inhabitants. All of the likely species and subspecies to be encountered are categorized by the IUCN Red List as Threatened or Data Deficient. It is therefore vital to research and monitor these populations in order to work towards necessary conservation measures.

The Expedition Calendar:


Space is limited to a maximum of 4 guests using two of the master stateroom with its own en-suite facilities, forward double or Pullman with two single bunks. You can join CHANCE DISCOVERY for any one, or all of the sectors of the trip.


Sector 1 – Montenegro to Corfu: A trip of 3 to 4 days extendable to one week if the participants so desire. We will depart from Porto Montenegro and travel down the Montenegrin Coast with a couple of stops en-route or make a direct non-stop trip to Corfu (200nm) and then spend a day or so in the Ionian. Approximate ETD from Porto Montenegro is the last week of April. Total distance will be around 250nm.


Sector 2 – Corfu to Athens: A one week trip from Corfu to Athens with overnight stops in the Southern Ionian Islands and the Gulf of Patras. Continuing on via the Corinth Canal into the Saronic Gulf and Athens. Approximate ETD from Corfu is the first week of May. Total distance will be around 300nm.


Sector 3 – Athens to Iraklion: A one-week trip from Athens with overnight stops in the Cyclades then across the Southern Aegean to Iraklion, Crete. Approximate ETD from Athens is the second week of May. Total distance will be around 300nm.


Sector 4 – Iraklion to Fethiye: A one-week trip from Iraklion with overnight stops in the Dodecanese to Fethiye. Approximate ETD from Athens is the third week of May. Total distance will be around 350 nm.


Thereafter there will four one week 500 nm survey trips offshore the Turkish Coast from Marmaris to Antalya. Two towards the end of June and two towards the end of September.

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