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On Discovery 55 CHANCE DISCOVERY and SYLVIA | With March comes the Northern Hemisphere spring and the sailing season follows thereafter

March 26, 2019


The Discovery pre-owned fleet continues to change hands and to cross-oceans. If the idea of sailing aboard a Discovery appeals but you are not ready to be handed the keys of your own Discovery yacht just yet, we would encourage you to try one of these great yachts out.

CHANCE DISCOVERY and SYLVIA are both great members of the Discovery 55 fleet and both will be based in the Mediterranean this season.

For further information about both yachts visit –

on-discovery-55-chance-discovery-and-sylvia-2 (Discovery 55, CHANCE DISCOVERY)

Herewith a playlist of some of CHANCE DISCOVERY’s recent exploits –

on-discovery-55-chance-discovery-and-sylvia-3 (Discovery 55, SYLVIA)

Herewith SYLVIA in Norway 2018 –

For more information about our pre-owned Discovery, fleet visit –

We have also collated all of our Discovery Yachts Ltd. sales videos here –


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