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Dashew Offshore – a new series of FPB videos you just must see!

March 6, 2020


Berthon have been involved with Dashew Offshore and have been working with them on marketing the FPB range of un-sailboats for some years. Now that the FPB Programme has closed, no more of these extraordinary yachts will be built and the fleet of 18 hulls are cruising worldwide and making extraordinary passages.

We continue to work with Steve and Linda on the marketing for Dashew Offshore and on the sales of pre-owned Dashew designs.

Dashew Offshore have just released a series of FPB videos which are fascinating –

FPB: The Way

Steve and Linda review the Deerfoot, Sundeer, Beowulf and FPB yacht designs. These ranges are some of the most successful bluewater cruising yachts of all time. All are optimised for couples to cruise far aboard using fast average speeds to achieve comfortable worldwide exploration

The Way to Weather | Upwind Cruising from Fair to Survival Conditions | FPB and Sail

Looks at FPB cruising upwind, the challenges and how these yachts perform in these conditions.

Surfing Across Oceans – Learn From The Masters – Sail and Power

FPBs surf downwind provided hugely enhanced passage times and an exciting, yet safe ride with excellent steering control. This video looks at how this works.

Dealing with Extreme Sea States – Steve Dashew explains the FPB 78 shape

Incredible on-board video from nine external cameras running a breaking bar with 10 foot waves and caught in 20’+ standing waves in the Gulf Stream the FPB 78 is put through two extreme tests. Steve Dashew explains what is happening from a design and handling standpoint. Included in the video are trim, steering and powering settings as well as suggested techniques for dealing with these extreme conditions. Note, the conditions shown are potentially dangerous, and not recommended if they can be avoided.

The Way Back | Fiji to Panama | A voyage on FPB 78 that changed the prospects of cruising forever

Linda narrates the voyage that she and Steve took aboard FPB 78#1 COCHISE from Fiji to Panama with crew member Steve Parsons. This is a great look at Dashew Offshore passage making through the years.

In addition to the Set Sail website which is full of blue water cruising information, Steve and Linda are also the authors of –

  • Mariners’ Weather Handbook.
  • Surviving the Storm.
  • Off Shore Cruising.
  • Practical Seamanship.

These books are available for free download.

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