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FPB 78#1 COCHISE – Effortless and Safe Cruising

January 6, 2017


FPB 78#1 COCHISE has cruised 11,400nm, since being launched 6 months ago, cruising from her build yard in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand, across the Pacific to the Panama Canal and finally arriving in Fort Lauderdale at the beginning of December.


Her comfortable motion at sea makes her as pleasant to be aboard on the move as she is at anchor… giving effortless, safe cruising with a small crew. Watch footage here of her seamless passage through the Panama Canal where her manoeuvrability made the transit a very straightforward affair…

This yacht has exceeded expectations with her energy efficiency, sea keeping and stability when on the move…

The FPB 78 is the fourth design in this series; COCHISE has 2 further sisters in build and, with a grand total of 14 FPBs now afloat, the family just keeps on growing.



Take a tour around her stunning interior, starting with the FPB-signature Great Room…

With over 100,000 miles of open ocean FPB experience, as well as feedback from owners and a huge effort by the FPB team around the world, the design continues to go from strength to strength.

You can watch COCHISE’s first six months from sea trials to cutting through the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic here:

Contact us now to organise a viewing:







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