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The FPB Programme – Balance of Personalised Interior Finishing and Neutrality

March 15, 2017


The FPB Programme has long been described as a paradigm shift for motor yachting; offering exceptional sea keeping and vast range. But whilst they offer, we think, unparalleled views of all seven seas, with their Great Room and Matrix deck, the livability that this brings is sometimes forgotten. FPBs are machines for voyaging far and offer a level of comfort and opportunity to live well that makes them a wonderful home to their crews.


This week we’d like to draw your attention to the writings of interior designer Denise LaVey who is an integral part of the FPB family. This is what FPB says –

We’ve worked with many interior designers over the years, but Denise is the first who truly understands what the FPB concept is all about.

With her ‘light touch’ approach we garner insight to the balance of personalised interior finishing and neutrality; enough to allow for the often sprawling outside view to remain in focus.



Happy reading.

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