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FPB Programme Voyage Complete

October 13, 2017


When Steve and Linda Dashew came out of retirement to build a few FPBs (their revolutionary ocean crossing motor yachts) for friends and former sailing clients, little did they or anyone else imagine the commercial success that awaited. Fifteen FPBs ranging in size from 69 to 110 feet are now exploring the world’s oceans, with over 250,000 nautical miles under their hulls in just a few years, and three more FPBs in build.

Now it is the Dashew’s turn to go cruising again. They have decided to stop building so they can go back to the sea. The three current FPBs under construction are the last of this iconic Dashew breed.

Steve Dashew says, “As much as we love boat building and working with our clients and builders, the 15,000 miles we put on COCHISE during part-time cruising over the last year has whet our appetite for more. We have come to realize that we can no longer do both. We have to make a difficult choice at this point in our lives, and we choose to go cruising again.”

Berthon, the worldwide marketing agents, have been privileged to be involved with this iconic brand and will continue to work closely with Dashew Offshore, both on the delivery of the yachts that are yet to launch, as well as aftermarket support.

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