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The birth of the FPB 70

January 15, 2016

The FPB Programme is Expecting

There is a new baby sister on the way. An FPB whose genetic make-up includes many of the capabilities and breakthrough characteristics of her larger FPB 97 and 78 siblings, with doses of the best features from the FPB 83 and 64s.

Berthon’s Sue Grant and Steve Dashew, the Designer of FPB 70, continue below…

A stunning interior

FPB 70 - Interior Layout

The interior layout is an amalgam of the best features from across the FPB family. You will recognize the engine room and workshop/crew quarters from what was developed with the FPB 78. The area forward of the engine room is a combination of what has worked so well with FPB 83 Wind Horse, and the ten FPB 64s now actively cruising.

Twin engines.

FPB 70

One of the limiting factors with choice of cruising speed is noise level: the faster you go the noisier it gets. At 11-knots the FPB 70’s two little John Deere diesels will be turning 1600/1650 RPM, a sweet spot for these engines.

We think the FPB 78 engine room is the best we’ve ever seen, and the FPB 70 is a scaled version of this.

A lovely workshop.

FPB 70 - A lovely Workshop and Engien Room

The workshop configuration is shown above with an optional head/shower on the starboard side. This approach creates a head easily accessed from the swim step, and the infrastructure required if this area is to be turned into crew quarters at a later date.

A unique take on the Matrix deck.

FPB 70 Matrix Deck

Whether entertaining a crowd or enjoying the view at sea by yourselves, or maybe working out, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. From the aft end to forward windscreen, the Matrix deck measures 20’/6m, while the athwartship dimension is roughly 12’/3.6m.

A basement with almost full headroom that invites walk in closets and a large office.

FPB 70 - Below Decks

To those familiar with the FPB marque, the biggest surprise may lurk in what we formerly called the basement. A little more displacement and freeboard have allowed us to raise the great room sole 20”/50cm compared to previous FPBs. This is now 60”/1.5m of headroom in the center of the basement and 70”/1.8m down the walkways outboard. The closet on the starboard side (above) has a full 80”/2.0m at the entrance.

265 NM/day ocean crossing speed with the tankage to do this for 5000+ NM.

FPB 70 - internal tankage diagram

Now a word about tankage. The FPB 70 carries up to 4000 US gallons/15,000 litres of diesel in three main and two wing tanks (shown above centre in yellow/orange/red). Fresh water capacity is 2600 US gallons/ 10,000 litres in two main tanks and two wings (shown above fore and aft in blue). The massive fresh water capacity is there for adjusting displacement. This allows optimum trim for a variety of sea states. In rough weather you add water, and in calmer conditions or when surfing, you can lighten ship.

FPB 70#1 is sold and we begin construction in March. We have two additional build slots available. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities surrounding our new baby, please contact us for further information (as we have not yet released this information to the press we would appreciate your keeping it under wraps).

On other fronts there are at present 4 FPBs in various stages of construction. Circumnavigator and outfitting expert Pam Wall is now helping the FPB family with their cruising plans and preparation. At Berthon we are busy with marketing FPB internationally as we are now working with Steve and the team to sell FPBs worldwide, rather than just in Europe.

There is still much to do and this new 70’ arrival is an exciting development.

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