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News from the FPB desk – feat. FPB 78 GREY WOLF II, IRON LADY II, COCHISE and FPB 97 ICEBERG.

January 7, 2020


The 18 strong FPB fleet continues to cross-oceans and to realise the dreams of their crews the world over. This year has seen FPBs cruising in both the northern and southern hemispheres with FPB 78#2 GREY WOLF II and FPB 78#3 IRON LADY II cruising in company in the Antarctic. For more news about this extraordinary cruise please watch this space.

In the meanwhile, their sister FPB 78#1 COCHISE has been cruising too and the following video was shot by Steve and Linda Dashew and this shows exactly how this extraordinary yacht handles a narrow cut in a bar against the breeze and with a 4 knot ebbing tide –

Dealing with Extreme Sea States –

Surfing Across Oceans –


GREY WOLF II is now back in Europe having cruised back from Antarctica via Brazil prior to calling into Berthon for some R&R. Whilst she was with us we shot this video –

She left us for a trip north before returning to her home port of the Channel Islands where she is slumbering in St Peter Port whilst her owner and crew plan next year’s adventures.

After the family cruise to the Antarctic in 2019, look out for more news about another FPB family get together in Greenland in 2020.


We are also delighted to announce that we have been asked to handle the sale of the FPB 97 ICEBERG. The largest of the FPB fleet, she offers pace, enormous range and all the power and capability that single the FPB fleet out from any other class on the planet.

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