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The Long Voyage Home…

December 20, 2013

Berthon are the European agents for the FPB project.


FPBs are 4 wheel drive motor yachts with astonishing blue water capability from the legendary board of Steve Dashew and built in New Zealand by Circa Marine. FPB 64#6 – GREY WOLF was bought by Peter Watson this Autumn. We are also very excited that he has ordered FPB78#02 which will start production in the New Year.

A Guernseyman, Peter is bringing GREY WOLF from Auckland back to his home Channel Island in the New Year. Very generously, he has offered 6 Berthon apprentices the opportunity to sail with him on the legs of this massive voyage which begins in Auckland in March and which sees GREY WOLF dock in her home port in June/July.

GREY WOLF, as with her sisters, is an astonishing motor yacht.

Read more about and news of her upcoming voyage here.


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