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Berthon takes its hat off to Oyster

February 10, 2018

The sad news of the failure of Oyster this week has been widely reported and is a tragedy for the yachting business internationally.

Oyster have been building and delivering outstanding cruising yachts for 45 years and the fleet of Oysters sailing the planet’s oceans are world class yachts of the first quality.

Pre-owned Oysters will continue to enjoy good residual values based on their core quality and good design. They are superb yachts for crossing oceans. This week’s news does nothing to change this.

Here at Berthon we are full of admiration for the work that has been done by the men and women who have worked at Oyster down the years. Numerous Oysters have passed through our big blue sheds or overnight-ed in our marina and we consider ourselves part of the family. There will always be a warm welcome here for members of the Oyster community and the very beautiful yachts that they build, operate and sail. Our thoughts are with all Oyster staff at this difficult time.


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