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BRISTOLIAN nears the Finish of 2015 Rolex Fastnet

August 20, 2015

As the crew of BRISTOLIAN come back into communication range we get a flurry of information from onboard.

Bristolian rounded the Fastnet Rock at 04.30 hrs Wed morning in very different conditions to the previous 24 hrs. The wind filled in strongly from the SW on the approach to the rock and gusts up to 30 kts came through with the inevitable clouds and rain. The yacht is now sailing at full speed back towards the Scilly Isles making 11 – 13 kts boat speed.

Breakfast is on with porridge and bacon rolls keeping the crew cheerful. Expecting to be finishing any time after 03.00 Thursday morning.
CRW all togged up as the rain comes down

Dolphins in the Irish Sea

An update from the early hours this morning. 

Bristolian has had an eventful leg back to the Scillies. The team were early to fly an A 5 spinnaker and in the 25-27 kt breeze the yacht was romping along at 15 kts. Without warning the halyard parted and the spinnaker fell into the sea. All hands were called and the crew did a magnificent job in recovering the massive amount of sailcloth on board. A jib top was quickly put in place and the leg continued. At the turning point by the Scillies it was time to raise another spinnaker, this time the A2. As the sail filled the tack line shackle parted and the whole spinnaker flew out sideways. The crew made a magnificent effort and a new tack line was attached with the sail still up. Unbelievably a dolphin also chose that moment to playfully jump out the water, hitting the sailcloth.

The yacht is now making good progress towards Plymouth and the finish line.

12 Miles to tthe Finish in Plymouth

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