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February 26, 2018

Fitting a B&G forward looking depth transducer system

Berthon’s electricians were seen this week finishing off an installation on board Oyster 56 ‘Duet II’. The owner has opted for a B&G forward-looking depth transducer system which offers chart plotter integration currently unrivalled by the other big brands.

Using a redundant transducer hole, Berthon’s shipwrights have installed a new forward-looking depth transducer and the electricians ran cabling through to a sonar hub black box and then up to the new chart plotter at the binnacle. A new B&G AIS transceiver system has also been added for good measure.

The B&G forward-looking sonar can be viewed in 2D as with traditional systems but also has the ability to overlay the information onto the chart which is achieved by programming in pre-determined safety depths, for example; over 5 metres is Green, 3 – 5 metres is yellow, less than 3 metres is red. Whilst this is highly valuable information for peering into anchorages, it is only useful at very low speeds as the maximum range is stated as 300 foot, decreasing as the water shallows to 5 times the current, so it is still important to keep those charts up to date!

Find out more about the B&G ForwardScan here.

For more information about upgrading your yacht’s electronics please visit our marine electronics page or contact our electronics manager Jim Catterall.

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