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Berthon International Collection

August 1, 2014

The 20th Berthon Collection will be staged in Lymington from the 12th to 21st September, once again, concurrent with the Southampton Boat Show. This event, conceived all those years ago, enables us to showcase high quality brokerage sailing, performance and motor yachts including a good selection of pre-owned Windys and each year we are able to show some of the best yachts in class. It is a dynamic occasion and yachts voyage to Berthon from all over the world just to be part of it.

Since we started with the Collection the way in which clients buy yachts has changed enormously, with the bulk of the search now carried out in front of a screen, cup of coffee in hand, rather than with extensive travel to identify the right class before going further. We are very conscious that yacht buyers are time poor and that this has made identifying the options a necessarily much quicker process. As a result, we are working hard to consistently upgrade the quality of the information that we offer on line about the yachts that we have available for sale. However, we still think that there is no substitute for stepping on and off yachts as it is an essential part of the decision making process. Seeing yachts live enables you to identify what suits and you may be pleasantly surprised by something that was previously dismissed as a result of online research.
Yacht Details – Discovery 55
Yacht Details – Aquastar 57

Berthon is 35 minutes from the Southampton Boat Show by car and we have ample parking. Alternatively, it is easy to hop on a train at Southampton Central to Lymington Town and Berthon is just a 5 minute walk away.

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We will have approximately 100 yachts on site and are fully staffed throughout the event with brokers who know the market and who will go through the options with you. As the Collection draws near, we thought that you might be interested in keeping in touch with our preparations and, more importantly, the preparations and voyages of the Collection fleet as they make tracks to Lymington for the event.

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