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Bowman 48 DS joins the Berthon Collection

September 16, 2014

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Exceptional Chuck Paine who’s interior would suggest the odd Channel passage and nothing else but elbow grease.  In fact, the owners had her built and delivered in May 2001 and sailed her to the Canaries to do the ARC. Basing in St Lucia she cruised the island chain and then sailing to Venezuela and thence to Bonaire and Bocas del Toro.   It was then through the Panama Canal.  From Panama she sailed to the Galapagos and then to Hawaii – a trip of around 4,000 nautical miles in 28 days with an average of 200 miles per day – not bad for a 48 footer being sailed 2 up!    From there TAIRUA sailed to Alaska and then Vancover.  In 2010, a truck brought her to Kingston and she navigated the St Lawrence Waterway and overwintered in Nova Scotia.   In 2012 she headed to the East Coast of the USA to cruise Maine before sailing back across the Atlantic to Spain.   If she can do all this and look this fab – where would you take her….!!!  And only £249,950

Yacht Details – Bowman 48DS TAIRUA [OFF MARKET]



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