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Hull Damage Repairs at the Berthon Shipyard

October 6, 2015

Hull Damage to be repaired at Berthon

At Berthon it’s rather common for us to undertake hull repairs, but rather uncommon for us to talk about it openly, due to the nature or circumstances in which they occurred. The owner of this yacht was so pleased with the work undertaken by Berthon that he is more than happy for us to show you what we did, although his name and that of the yacht have been concealed to spare the blushes!

Closer inspection of the hull damage

Whilst navigating back up Lymington river, something he has done numerous times, he got a bit too close to one of the navigation posts. The results was a rather long gash in the hull above the waterline and a broken port light.

After assessing the damage and deciding they didn’t need any assistance on the water, they safely returned to their berth in Berthon Lymington Marina.

Once tied up alongside they were able to speak to one of our Yacht Maintenance & Repair Project Managers who was quickly able to assess the damage and prepare a job specification and quote for the work to be undertaken.

The quote was with the client by the next day and later passed to their insurance company for approval.

Within 48 hours of the incident, the yacht was lifted by our 75 tonne travel hoist ready for our shipwrights to start repairing the damage. No one can dispute that is a fairly quick turnaround.

The damage consisted of one large gash in the topside, a broken portlight and two smaller scrapes in the hull.

Staging for easy access to hull repair

Staging was erected around the yacht to allow our shipwrights a safe environment in which to work at height and allow them easy access to the damaged area.

Next the headlining and internal cupboards were removed so the whole area to be worked on internally was accessible.

Next a protective layer was added to the ground beneath the yacht and the surrounding area to catch the detritus, as there was a lot of grinding to be done.

internal protection while hull repairs take place

The two smaller scrapes were ground away to remove the damaged area allowing our shipwright to inspect the laminate beneath. There was a single layer of laminate required on both areas, which were repaired, filled with gelcoat, faired and polished.

Hull damage repairs at Berthon Boat Co Lymington

The large repair was slightly more difficult to complete; after cutting and grinding out the damage to sound material, tapering the edges to aid the laminating of the vinyelester, and then building up the layers to the original laminate specification, we repeated the gel and fairing process described above.

Hull damage repair preparation

The portlight was next to be worked on, having to build up the areas around the lip, giving it the correct profile and thickness to accept the new window.

Next the external gelcoat was applied, also having the cavetto line etched into the hull and filled with silver gelcoat to match the rest of the yacht.

Finally the aperture for the portlight was cut to the correct size allowing the new one to be bonded into place.

Once this was completed the internal cupboards were reinstated and the headlining replaced.

The yacht was then launched to her berth, looking as good as new.

The owner did remark that the repair is so good that you can’t actually see where the damage was!

If you would like to speak to one of our project managers about gelcoat repairs or hull damage repairs then please email where we will happily speak to you about yacht maintenance and repairs.

The photos below remind us of the old Blue Peter comment: “and here’s one we prepared earlier!”

Finished product - hull damage repairs
Hull damage repairs at Berthon Lymington

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