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Cookson 50, ENDLESS GAME Caught on Video

January 17, 2020

Cookson 50, ENDLESS GAME Caught on Video

Welcome to the walkthrough YouTube video for ENDLESS GAME, a much upgraded and uprated Cookson 50 yacht. Filmed on location near Naples, a very dry and warm environment where she is stored during the off season on a bright sunny day.

Watch the movie here –

Our video highlights the yachts features, which include, but is not limited to hydraulically adjusted forestay, powered primary winches with wireless button controls, increased canting angle to 40 degrees, 2019 set of sails in excellent condition and many others.

Cookson 50, ENDLESS GAME Caught on Video

Unlike other Cookson 50s ENDLESS GAME’s galley has been removed from the centreline, giving additional storage space either side of the keel. The galley to starboard remains very useable offshore, with sink, cooker and fridge.

Cookson 50, ENDLESS GAME Caught on Video

The yacht was constructed by Cookson in 2004, and was imported into Italy by the first owner. The current owner is only the second owner of this fine vessel.

The yacht is well cared for and has a large and current sail inventory, most of which are from 2019.

Cookson 50, ENDLESS GAME Caught on Video

She has undergone continual optimisation and remains one of the finest offshore racing yachts available on the market now, and a sure fire bet for a 2020 season. Please do take time to look through and contact us with feedback and if you require any more details.

Full specification available here –


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