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Discovery 55′ – CASAMARA

September 3, 2015

Discovery 55 for Sale - CASAMARA - Berthon

Perfectly formed for blue water, she has form as an ARC contender and also for participation in two ARC Portugal’s. Conceived, built and equipped for easy shorthanded family sailing she has been much updated in this ownership and this is why –

  1. Northern Lights generator– these have a reputation for reliability and easy maintenance.  The owner didn’t want to have an over spec’d system and so plumped for the 5kW version which would then be run hard, which is far better for a diesel engine. Being a smaller engine it takes up less space in the generator bay improving access for maintenance – not that it is bad in other Discovery’s.  If access is easy you will maintain it.
  1. Anodised mast – again, from a maintenance point of view this is often considered a much better way to go; painted masts, although they look great, will require looking after and a repaint at some point.
  1. Twin Auto-pilots.  I have been in the middle of an ocean when a neighbouring yacht had autopilot failure.  The husband and wife team with 2 small children had to hand steer for the next 7 days 24/7.  We considered putting one of our crew on board to help them out but it was too rough and therefore too dangerous to risk.  What bliss it would have been to be able to flick a switch to the spare auto pilot.
  1. White hull – don’t get me wrong, dark hulls are beautiful and make many yachts look stunning.  White, however, does have advantages in sunnier climes where the heat is reflected; sun damage fades a dark hull and render it in need of a repaint.  White hulls tend to keep looking good for longer.
  1. Forward cabin layout – this is a more traditional layout but has a big advantage of a huge amount of storage space when compared to the island berth layout. Storage is always important on a blue water cruising yacht.

Discovery 55 Layout

From the Owner’s Perspective

CASAMARA in action during the 2011 ARC.

CASAMARA was my 4th yacht – My wife and I have form!  Since we got the bug in 1999 we have gone from Sonata 23 to Sadler 29 to Hanse 470e and then our Discovery 55.

 They allowed me to evolve from Day Skipper to Yachtmaster and I even skippered my own yacht in the 1979 Fastnet.  I have fond memories of them all and the learning curve has been immense.

 Prior to buying CASAMARA, it was my ambition to skipper my own yacht in the ARC, and I quickly identified that the Discovery 55 was the perfect yacht for the expedition with her build quality, short-handed sailing abilities and nav. table visibility whilst underway. She is also solid, graceful, designed for bluewater sailing and easily managed by a husband and wife team.

I certainly did not want to have to rely on a professional skipper (I am a bit of a control freak) and I also have a great group of friends with lots of sailing experience. 

So, I started the process of commissioning the build of a new Discovery 55′ when I had a major stroke of luck.   CASAMARA popped onto the market, having been highly specified for world cruising, but her first owners’ change of plan meant that she only had a sail to Gibraltar and then back to Lymington to be sold, beneath her keel.  She was just what I was looking for and she was immediately available!

So in April 2010, we had our maiden sail aboard CASAMARA to St Peter Port for VAT reasons and then back to the Medway River.  CASAMARA (also known as CASY to her friends) has subsequently achieved the programme below –

  • ARC Portugal 2010.
  • A trip to Norway in October 2010, where she was standby vessel for the helicopter rescue of 3 fishermen whose trawler had sunk in a storm. We saw their flares and we were able to give the Coastguard an accurate fix.
  • Medway River to Lagos in Southern Portugal in around 8 days in July 2011.
  • Lagos to Lanzarote in July 2011, when we recorded 220 nautical miles sailed in 24 hours.
  • ARC 2011 in November/December 2011 – the video is above and shows what fun you can have with CASY.
  • Caribbean sailing spending Easter 2012 with the whole family of five plus two friends in St Lucia and sailing to Tobago Cays and back to St Lucia.
  • Trans-Atlantic back to Europe in May 2012.
  • Round the Island Race 2012.
  • ARC Portugal in June 2013.
  • Southern Portugal to Alicante in August 2013.
  • Barcelona for Easter in 2014.
  • Sant Carles to Lymington in June 2015.

This all adds up to around 20,000 nautical miles – not as much I would have liked as family and sailing a desk still exist.

Throughout all these trips, I have always felt safe and secure with CASY, she always brings a smile to my face and we are never short of crew to sail her – a testament to CASY rather than my skippering skills!  She has taken me through some foul weather and has always been very forgiving if I have made a poor decision – and there have been a few!

I have had to make very few changes to her but I have upgraded the cooker, installed electric loos (my family are not good pumpers!) and she now has aircon throughout.   She is an easy yacht to look after and to maintain and a Tardis when it comes to storing kit.  She is also easy to manoeuvre and park, especially in reverse.  She is ready to go immediately and I am leaving the EPIRB, liferaft, parasilor, brand new rib and a host of spares to allow someone with a similar dream to leave ASAP.  I am also happy to assist with handover and advice 24/7 as I love talking Casamara!

So why am I selling her?  Well….  I have been seduced by a newer and larger sister, a Discovery 67′, which myself and my wife are planning to sail around the world in, between 2018-2020.  We are sticking firmly with the Discovery ethos – the build quality, after service, the ability to sail shorthanded, and the view from the nav. station and in the saloon whilst underway and at anchor… I could go on and on…

CASAMARA is a Berthon Collection entrant and is ashore at Berthon in Lymington where she can be viewed 7 days a week.

Yacht Details – Discovery 55 – CASAMARA

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