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Hallberg Rassy 46’ BELLE – Available to see, touch and write a cheque for – and you can also read the book!

February 25, 2016

Belle hallberg-rassy 46When James Forbis approached us to ask us to find a new owner for BELLE, we were delighted to help. A year 2000 Hallberg Rassy 46’ is a great cruising yacht and her updated specification, good condition and recent kit all added to her appeal. You can visit her specification here –

Yacht Details Belle – Hallberg-Rassy 46

BELLE and James have been together since 2006 and she is totally equipped for single-handed sailing.   Beautifully maintained and updated, with a Westerbeke genset, AIS, SSB, Laptop, Webasto, hydraulic Selden in-mast furling, and bowsprit she is good to go. She also has a wonderful teak interior which really adds to her appeal.

BELLE and James have sailed far and the choice of a hard dinghy as his shopping cart, plus the myriad of other details on board, as a result of his experiences sailing her blue water, are all logical. It is normal to see these sorts of touches on serious cruising yachts and new owners normally embrace them as practical and part of the narrative of the yacht.

James is fond of sailing single-handed and whilst his wife, Xiao Lan Yan, is enthusiastic for shipboard life, the lure of many days at sea does not excite her… Therefore, James is used to sailing the long passages and enjoying the adventure and challenge, with Xiao Lan Yan joining him at journey’s end for local cruising once the big passage is completed.

What we were not expecting, was the book!

Bell Route

A Solo Sailor was written by James and catalogues his 25 day voyage from Antigua to Kinsale – non- stop.

This was a great adventure but more importantly it is a rattling good read. It is a truthful account of the ups and downs of being at sea for a long period; when at times the mind and body do not perform quite as you might expect them to on dry land or when sailing with others.

Belle Hallberg-Rassy 46 in the RainBelle Hallberg-Rassy 46 in portlandbelle-hallberg-rassy-46-moored-portland  Belle Hallberg-Rassy 46 from aloftBelle Hallberg-Rassy 46 East Maine

What is also absorbing is the common sense attitude to the business of sailing distance and a degree of de-bunking of many normal views of what works at sea. For example, the trials and tribulations of avoiding the many commercial ships that were encountered when BELLE got closer to the Irish coast. The rules of the road are one thing, but as James points out, size really does matter and it is not sensible to take chances and to expect commercial shipping to alter course for you when they are steaming at speed. They’re there for business, not fun, and making their trip easier is incumbent for those on the water for… more leisurely activities.

Xiao Lan Yan is an very accomplished illustrator and the pencil sketches which appear throughout the book also add hugely. A selection of these can be seen below:

Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - bird Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Dinghy Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Hawk Mouse Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Ensign Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Jellyfish Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Skipper at the helm Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Seabird Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Teapot Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Belle Xiao Lan Yan Illustration - Whales


In order to fully appreciate this great sketches, you really need to read the book……

The Solo Sailor cannot be purchased on the open market, but a copy is easily picked up aboard BELLE when you inspect her.   If you would like to know more about this great publication, please let us know….

Indeed, his watery chariot is also available for sale via Berthon and she is in sparkling shape. We look forward to reading more chapters penned by her new yachtsmen and to being kept in touch with her future adventures.

Yacht Details Belle – Hallberg-Rassy 46


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