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Magic carpet material of adventurous hue

May 2, 2014

Clipper Ventures’ and their class of 11 68’ Dubois designed, bullet proof cruiser racers have sailed literally hundreds of thousands of nautical miles and have offered a life changing experience to thousands of yachtsmen from all over the world who have sailed around the world, or done legs of it or who have skippered these astonishing yachts.  There can be no one in yachting who has not followed their victories and setbacks with rapt attention.

Clipper Round the World Race Yacht for sale

Now that the new fleet have taken up the baton, the 68’ fleet are working hard with training, corporate work and are still delivering at the max.  2 of them have sailed to New Zealand where there is huge interest in participating in Clipper events and where they are doing their thing upside down!

We have been tasked with finding new yachtsmen for 2 of their number. CVI which you will remember as EDINBURGH and her young sister CVII which was built in 2010 and which is the baby of the fleet with only 1 circumnavigation beneath her keel.  This trot around the globe, she managed in FINLAND livery.

For the griff about these two yachts see below –

Clipper Round the World Race Yacht for sale


These yachts have the capability to be coded to MCA Category 0 in their new ownership, and Berthon have plenty of experience in this field. This gives them the capability to charter anywhere in the world – their range is unlimited. They are a superb platform for adventure sailing of all types and will continue to offer fun and serious sailing at the max.

Priced to sell, we don’t expect the Berthon Clipper fleet-let to be around for long. Both yachts are in commission and are available for you to see, touch and write a cheque for on the South Coast of the UK.

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