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The Mighty Tall Ship STAVROS is available to see, touch, write a cheque for – or to lease…?!?

March 28, 2013

StavrosThe Tall Ship Youth Trust’s iconic tall ship has brought enormous pleasure to many disadvantaged young people during their ownership of her. The TSYT fleet is now being reconfigured and they plan a smaller brig to sail together with their 4 x Challenge 72s and their Cat.

Aside from a straight sale, the owners may also agree to selling the vessel on a deferred payment / lease purchase scheme which would enable a buyer to use the vessel without the necessity to fund 100% of the purchase up front.

Terms and conditions would be agreed by negotiation and the deferred payment / lease purchase scheme would, of course, be subject to status.

For example, the owners may agree a package involving a down payment, regular monthly payments for say 24 months and a final payment at the end of the lease period at which time the title of the vessel would transfer to the buyer. During this period, aside from making regular payments to the owners, the buyers will be responsible for the maintenance, certification (including satisfying classification society and flag state requirements) and insurance of the vessel.

The buyers will also be responsible for crewing the vessel but the sellers would be able to assist with both crew training and sourcing some experienced officers and crew. The owners are also able to offer a ship management package using managers experienced with this vessel should that be of interest to the buyers.

STAVROS S NIARCHOS is a modern Tall Ship launched in 2000 which is classed for worldwide operation. If you would like to explore in more detail flexible commercial terms with funding effectively being provided by the seller, please let us know so we can discuss in more detail a package tailored to suit your needs.

Any agreement will be subject to contract terms.

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