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Oyster 62, UHURU OF LYMINGTON – and her incredible voyages… (1)

January 26, 2016

Oyster 62 UHURU

We are delighted to be offering UHURU for sale.   She is in sparkling condition and she is set up for both cold water and warm water sailing.   Many yacht owners prepare for adventures. Few manage to deliver as fully as Steve Powell and his family.   Throughout her lifetime UHURU has been immaculately maintained and always updated.   She is now ready for a new owner and new adventures.

Not only have Team UHURU sailed far and had tremendous adventures. These have been catalogued with a series of great articles written by Steve and also with a myriad of amazing photographs. The principal photographs are by Mike Powell (

UHURU’s First Leg: Lymington to Grenada

UHURU is a Lymington yacht and the first adventure was the hardest…

With UHURU in the water… Read on!

The Summer of ’08

UHURU’s Second Leg: Antarctica

 Now for the cold stuff…

 UHURU’s Third Leg: The Chilean Channels and Home

 Cape Horn and coming home…

Once back home, it was into the big blue sheds at Berthon for UHURU with new paint and a thorough refit to fit her for the next chapter.  Shiny and sorted, Team UHURU decided to try another cruising experience – the Mediterranean cruise…..

Team UHURU who jumped in with both feet and spend 2 very happy seasons, setting off from Lymington and then sailing into the Mediterranean and exploring Malta, the Balearics and all points between. Again the astonishing imagery was omnipresent.

The incredible voyages of oyster 62 UHURU

The incredible voyages of oyster 62 UHURU The incredible voyages of oyster 62 UHURU The incredible voyages of oyster 62 UHURU

The Oyster 62 is a superb mile muncher, and UHURU has proved herself to be quite simply remarkable in both warm and chilly climes.   If you are contemplating an adventure (or multiple ones) UHURU knows the way – your chariot awaits…..


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