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Rat race escape capsule extraordinaire – 28m Don Brooke Motorsailor PACIFIC EAGLE

October 20, 2017

28m Don Brooke Motorsailor - PACIFIC EAGLE

Fresh to the market, 28m Don Brooke Motorsailor PACIFIC EAGLE is a superb go anywhere blue water cruising yacht. With her furling split rig and slow revving main engines – so was conceived and built to munch miles. Built, as with so many great yachts from New Zealand, at Alloy Yachts – she is only now in her second ownership. Her first owners took her around the world and her second owner has sailed and chartered her in the Pacific in his ownership. When he bought her she had a major refit, this was in 2002. Since then she has been annually surveyed and upgraded every year. There is an illustrated refit schedule available on request.

Her long water line and easy motion make her perfect for the big seas of the Pacific. With her protected helm and practical deck layout she would also be perfect for high latitude sailing.

However, the thing that we think is most unique about her is that fact that both owners have managed her as a family affair and have successfully operated her without the need for crew. Of course she has plenty of space for them but for those who regard crew as the most complicated part of the yacht PACIFIC EAGLE offers the opportunity for comfortable, long distance family cruising without them.

Her modest draft also adds to her versatility.

She is being offered for sale as her owners are now ready for a new adventure.

This is what he says –

I have owned PACIFIC EAGLE for the past 15 years. I remember the day she was launched in Auckland and made big nautical news as she was the second Super Yacht that Alloy Yachts International built. She was designed by Don Brooke, a well-known pilot-house ketch designer and took the `belts and bracers` approach to all his builds which also included the 3 mast schooner training ship SPIRIT OF NEW ZEALAND. At this time I owned a 65ft pilot-house Ketch, built in New Zealand named DIONYSUS in which we cruised the Pacific Islands for 15 years.

When PACIFIC EAGLE came on the market it took me 3 years to buy her, travelling to Fort Lauderdale where she was based at that time. She was foreign reregistered and after purchase I imported her to New Zealand, paying all taxes and obtaining the correct licences to put her into charter, which she still has. PACIFIC EAGLE has been maintained to the highest standards, having a NZ$1.5 million refit at the time of purchase to bring the yacht back to nearly new condition. PACIFIC EAGLE has been a very successful high end charter yacht, and we have had clients from all around the world aboard her when in charter mode. With her ideal layout she is also a great family yacht and she has cruised most of the Pacific Islands.

I want to emphasise how easy it is to manage PACIFIC EAGLE. The odd person who has shown interest, straight away says, I will need a captain, engineer and deckhand. While I have engineering knowledge I have always run the yacht on my own and skippered her, bringing in specialized people only when required. PACIFIC EAGLE has a very simple spacious engine- room layout with no hidden equipment. There are no computerized systems on the 4 engines. Everything is well marked and less intimidating than most 60 foot yachts one goes aboard.

When on a nonstop transit I have 3 friends who join me for the passage. The couple who previously owned her sailed her from Fort Lauderdale to New Zealand, on their own. I have often been sailing for the day with just my wife. When we charter I have the same gourmet chef and female hostess who join the yacht wherever we happen to be.

The joy of the PACIFIC EAGLE is her ability to cruise anywhere in the world achieving 200 nautical miles days with complete safety in a well-protected strong environment. She was built under LIoyds supervision and has all the best gear, most of which is over specified. She is designed for long term adventure cruising for a family who want to go to remote areas for extended periods. She has been set up with backups for all systems, she also has 2 massive anchors and chain setup plus a spare aft. She is fully set up for diving, with everything needed on board. There is a full inventory list found on the `sale page’ on PACIFIC EAGLE website page. She has massive storage on board, including over 30 cubic feet of customised freezer space and she and her crew can be self-contained for over 6 months.

The fuel capacity is 12,500 litres giving her a huge range at 26 litres per/hour running her 2 engines and one of her 2 generator’s at cruise speed. The range can be increased dramatically by feathering one propeller. She holds 5,000 litres of fresh water and makes 4 litres per/minute. She has a massive number of spares, so she is all set up for extended periods. Most parts are bolt-on complete plus repair kits. She also has a Panama Canal Identification Number.

PACIFIC EAGLE has given my family and friends endless pleasure. An ideal place to start a cruise would be New Zealand, then on to the Pacific Islands. The yacht is ready to go as she is now – all safety requirements are up to date, and all that’s required is provisioning. I would undertake to make sure a new owner understood the full workings of the yacht and if required to skipper her to aid familiarisation.

You are probably thinking, why I am bothering with this long introduction – but I feel that PACIFIC EAGLE is not just another big yacht. She has classic timeless lines, and pilot-house type configurations are rare. At the asking price, PACIFIC EAGLE is a lot of yacht for the dollar, considering replacement. She also offers huge potential for a new owner to put their own mark on the yacht and to equip her to their specific wish without breaking the bank.

I have owned PACIFIC EAGLE for 15 years, I am older now and whilst I have loved being her captain, it is now time for a new family to take the helm.

For further information about this great yacht – visit – [OFF MARKET]

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