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SONG OF THE WHALE – the inside story

January 21, 2020

SONG OF THE WHALE – the inside story

The amazing cetacean research vessel SONG OF THE WHALE is well known to Berthon and we have written about her and her exploits over the years. Built locally to us here in Lymington and designed by a local designer, she is often here in our marina – between extraordinary adventures that really make a difference. She has been key in understanding and assisting with a programme to protect the ‘Right Whale’, a species that is at huge risk. She has catalogued, watched and researched a myriad of cetaceans, which are key to the wellbeing of our oceans. This further understanding of their habits, condition, habitat and the risks that they are experiencing really matters.

SONG OF THE WHALE – the inside story

Richard McLanaghan has been involved in the SONG OF THE WHALE project since the first SONG OF THE WHALE (a much-travelled Oyster 46 was commissioned by IFAW). She too spent time in Lymington for pitstops and was sold by us to make way for her custom built, bigger and more effective sister. He has run both vessels and together with the rest of the SONG OF WHALE team is committed to maintaining this resource and to continuing to do the research that has never been more necessary.

This video is an interview (more of a chat really) with him and Sue Grant from Berthon about SOTW, the project, and the amazing things that they have achieved and what they plan in the future. There is some extraordinary wildlife footage for which the film is worth watching if nothing else.

SONG OF THE WHALE is operated by Marine Conservation Research. This plucky organisation is continually looking for partners to enable it to continue its work and so if this video grips you please do contact them and get involved as you wish. They have been operating SONG OF THE WHALE and continuing the good work since IFAW shelved the project and have done a great job. Everything else aside, they are a great bunch of people, and we at Berthon are proud to call them friends…

Keep in touch via Instragram @song_of_the_whale.

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