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Spirit 60DH, SPIRIT OF RANI – Keeping her looking this good is easier than you think…

January 30, 2019


Always the prettiest yacht in any anchorage, Spirit 60DH SPIRIT OF RANI is in sparkling condition. Built in 2012 at Spirit Yachts in the UK, she is a glory of high gloss varnished mahogany topsides and gleaming teak upper works. Her owner is used to large numbers of people stopping by when she is in port and commenting how beautiful the yacht looks. They normally also commiserate about the hours and hours of work required to keep her looking tip top and the masses of investment that goes with this…

To those comments, there is always exactly the same answer – ‘You will be surprised how little work it is!!!’

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Her owner has been sailing and cherishing her since 2012 so he knows her well. The fact is that the topsides do not need any attention apart from washing away the salt water after sailing. Because of the colour and grain of the mahogany, once this easy task is completed, there are no watermarks visible. Unlike his previous Nautor Swan, there is no need for a chamois leather to dry the topsides.

Of course, this has not always been the case. It is thanks to the new varnish products, which have come to the market in the past few years. They have a much harder finish than before and behave like a glass film over the wood. The owner of SPIRIT OF RANI expects her topsides finish to last for around 8 years before it needs re-varnishing. The product that is used is Awlbrite by Awlgrip.


Awlbrite is a 3-component acrylic urethane wood finish, used to create a more durable and fast curing bright work system than traditional varnish is able to offer.

As the owner says, the only important thing that you must remember is that it is infinitely better if you do not hit things with the topsides. SPIRIT OF RANI was bumped by another yacht and so she had new Awlbrite in 2016. This means that there is a way to go before the topsides will need more work.

The teak superstructure and on-deck trim is treated using Awlgrip Awlwood system. This is a solution comprising a Primer and a Clear Finish. The Primer and Clear Finish is absorbed into the wood and therefore is more resistant to little knocks and bangs.


It doesn’t have the longevity of the Awlbrite system and it is best to recoat the teak with 1 or 2 layers every year or 2 or so, depending on the amount of exposure to the sun.

This system is very easy to repair too. Of course you can use the Awlbrite system on the upper works for less frequent maintenance periods but as at the moment SPIRIT OF RANI’s owner spends around €1,000 annually for a technician to keep them tip top, this is not a huge sum and similar to keeping a gel coated yacht polished and looking as she should.

This extraordinary (and easy to keep sparkling) sailing yacht is offered for sale by Berthon.


Full specification available here – [OFF MARKET]

A price reduction to €1,600,000 VAT paid is included to further encourage you and she is ready for elegant sailing in 2019.


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