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Swan 62, NAI’A – Covid19 Isolation in the US Virgin Islands

April 2, 2020

Swan 62, NAI’A - Covid19 Isolation in the US Virgin Islands

Berthon International wish all our clients around the globe well during this very difficult time. Some dear clients of ours are currently in isolation in the US Virgin Islands. We thought we’d share their news with you….

‘As you know we live on our boat in the BVI during the winter. Last week, with little more than 24 hour’s notice, the territory closed its borders to visitors. The day before we could make it back. So, thanks to friends who are professional skippers, we were able to hire them to bring NAI’A out of the BVI to the USVI. .

Then they closed the BVI border, Sunday night, to everyone. Our skipper friends were on the LAST ferry to bring people into the BVI. It was that close. I believe that was an excellent move by the Government of the BVI to ensure the health and welfare of  their people.

So, here we are, safe in St John USVI, on day 5 of our own self quarantine, as we want to be sure we are virus free and not expose whomever. We are symptom free.

There are many more boats than normal in these two anchorages. Most, like us, are just isolating themselves until things recover. Many are refugees of either the BVI or other island nations down the chain.

While many services in the USVI are closed, so far there are still provisions and fuel.

St John is our favourite place. But, as a friend said earlier today in an email, ’it’s a great place to isolate yourself, but a bad place to be, if you get sick’. It was a calculated decision – either be on the Mainland, with friends, family, or a hotel for the next month or two, or be together in our home.

We wanted to be home.

Stay safe, stay home, stay in touch and see you on The Other.’


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