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1989 Nelson 44 Winter layup and annual engine & generator service

February 15, 2019

We have a 1989 Nelson 44, HULLABALLOO, also in for a winter layup and annual engine and generator servicing. With her out of the water, this was the perfect time to give her a new coat of antifoul, replace her worn out anodes and clean her props and shafts.

Maintaining your boat’s anodes, keeping your underwater stern gear clean and keeping on top of your antifoul is of the utmost importance in order to keep it running well in the long run.

Anodes should always be replaced by the time half of it has been lost to corrosion. This shouldn’t be more often than once a year, but ultimately, the lifespan of an anode depends on its size and weight. If you find that you are replacing them more than once a year, then you need an anode with more weight and larger in size or a bonding test to ascertain why the anodes are wasting so quickly.

The frequency of replacing your antifoul depends on the usage and storage of your boat. Boats that live afloat or that are used regularly should be checked every year to judge whether it needs a new coat. If your boat lives on the water marine particles will build-up on the underside of your hull. This development and growth of algae can noticeably affect the performance of your yacht or on a motorboat reduce your fuel efficiency. High levels of marine growth across your hull (such as that seen during the last two summers) can slow motorboats by 5 knots and could also increase your fuel consumption by upwards of 30%.

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