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3 great reasons for laying up your boat for Winter

November 30, 2015

Winterized Yachts

1. Prepare for a successful, uninterrupted sailing season

The main reason for preparing a boat for winter is to prepare for a successful, uninterrupted sailing season. There’s nothing worse than stopping yachting activities during the season because of problems that simple preventative maintenance could have avoided.

Click here for the full yacht de-commissioning check list

2. Prevent damage caused by winter weather

Correctly laying up a boat will minimise the risk of damage that can be caused during harsh winter conditions. Sub-freezing temperatures can cause water pipes to split and engine damage. It’s also important that the fine furnishings of a boat are kept free of mildew and damp. Whilst out the water the boat can be cleaned thoroughly, maintained and covered for the winter months.

3. More time on the water?

By putting some time and budget towards winter maintenance, you;

    • Reduce the cost of preparing the boat at spring (it is cheaper to remove sailing yachts’ running rigging for Winter, than to remove and launder in the Spring when it has gone green)
    • Take the opportunity to schedule in larger, but very important, safety items such as replacing your standing rigging (required every 10-15 years by most Insurance Companies)
    • Changing the sail drive diaphragm (every 7 years for Volvo) or renewing shaft bearings on a motor yacht.
    • The same applies to outdrive servicing where a part may be more difficult to come by in the busy Spring period.

At Berthon, we recommend servicing prior to the winter months, winterising if you plan not to use the boat followed by the relatively simply process of re-commissioning in the Spring.

Berthon offer full layup and decommissioning services. For more information, click here: boatyard services cover every aspect of your yacht maintenance needs including:

If you would like to discuss your requirements and speak to a project manager, please call 01590 673312 or email

Alternatively, please complete Berthon’s Winter layup and decommissioning form by clicking the button:

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Whatever your boating requirements this winter, Berthon would be delighted to assist you and look forward to being of service.

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