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Berthon in the Blue Sheds: Varnishing Highlights

October 31, 2014

Awlwood treated coamings from JOLT by Berthon

Since launch during the latter part of 2013, the innovative new system from AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip business, Awlwood Clear-Coat System is fast becoming the choice for protecting exterior wood above the waterline. Berthon are one of the first to use the Awlwood system and several projects have been completed during 2014. To name a few: the superstructure of Charm of Rhu, a beautiful wooden 8m Fife; the capping rail on Astraeus da Luz, an Oyster 52; the coamings on Jolt, a 31’ Tofinou; and the interior of Tenacity a gorgeously well-kept Swan 56; With a combination of Berthon’s fine finishing standards and the unique properties of Awlwood the clear coat finish really is beyond any traditional varnish we have used in the past.

Awlgrip have been following our work here at Berthon and in their own words below outline the inception of their new clear-coat system.

“Beyond any varnish… beyond compare”

“Designed from scratch to work in perfect harmony with wood (all wood in fact!), Awlwood can do things a normal varnish cannot do. Its unique formulation forms a strong yet flexible link with the wood structure to protect whilst allowing the beauty of the natural coating and grain to shine through. In addition to protecting against water and stopping oils and resins from leaching out of the wood, Awlwood also shields against sunlight, negating the need for re-application every single year. It retains the same gloss, DOI (Distinctness of Image) and natural appearance as first application for multiple seasons.”

Awlwood provides all of the advantages of a two pack in a one pack and is fast drying, allowing multiple coats in a day. Awlgrip continue:

“Not only that, but from fewer coats comes a durability that needs to be seen to be believed!  Awlwood withstands the harshest wear and tear yet maintains its exceptional glossy finish looking as good as the day it was applied for multiple seasons. So, with Awlwood, less is definitely more!”

Berthon Director, Dominic May comments on new Awlwood product:-

“Having been involved with the formulation and application of coatings, including varnishes, for the best part of 30 years, Awlwood is certainly one of the most versatile clear coats I’ve worked with.  It’s easy to apply, the primer conditions the wood perfectly, and the final appearance and performance outstrip any other one pack we’ve used to date.” 

At Berthon, we are certainly able to offer our clients a lot more! To enquire about varnish or paint options please contact Dominic May –

Fife 8 Metre – CHARM OF RHU

Awlwood Charm of Rhu
Charm of Rhu Awlwood varnish doghouse
Alwood varnish for Cockpit of Charm of Rhu

CHARM OF RHU had extensive varnish work completed at Berthon in Awlwood, including her doghouse and superstructure.


Awlwood varnish toerail
Capping rail finished in awlwood varnish
Beautiful varnish finish to capping rail with Awlwood varnish by Berthon Boat Company

ASTRAEUS DA LUZ with Awlwood varnished capping rail

JOLT – Tofinou

JOLT awlwood varnished coamings
Awlwood treated coamings from JOLT by Berthon
Details shot of Awlwood varnish treated coaming from JOLT - Berthon

JOLT having Awlwood varnish on her coamings bringing out a brilliant shine.

For more information on Awlwood varnish or to enquire about the yacht painting facilities at Berthon, please contact Berthon –

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