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Yacht Paint Facility – Inside the other Blue Shed at Berthon

March 27, 2015

The paint shed at Berthon

Something that we don’t shout about enough at Berthon is our paint facility and the staff that produce the excellent results time and again for our clients. We know our clients love the results we get from the purpose built facility, so it’s about time we spoke up about it.

The facility was installed at Berthon in 1999 by the Dutch company Rowit, giving Berthon one of the premier yacht paint spraying facilities in Europe, where we have over 8000 cubic metres of dedicated space purely for the preparation and spraying of yachts, mast and spars.

The investment made by Berthon ensures the preparation areas and the dedicated oven gives the best environment to produce first class paint finishes using filtered air to create as much of a dust free atmosphere. The paint facility is something that we continually invest in to ensure it produces the results that exceed our client’s expectations. The most recent investment being a heating upgrade from oil to gas that reduces the startup time of the heating systems and further aids cleanliness.

Berthon Paint Facility

Our paint facility is made up of 3 adjoining areas, P North (shown above), P South and the central Glossing Booth, all being fully accessible by our 75 tonne travel hoist.  P North and P South are the preparation areas, where yachts will spend the majority of their time when having paint work completed; this is due to the preparations before topcoating taking in general twice the duration as the final glossing and drying times, hence the two preparation areas allowing us to continually rotate work through the glossing booth.

The central Glossing Booth (shown below), is where the magic appears to occur, but the real art is really in the preparation of the surface long before the gloss is applied. The Glossing Booth is 305m2 allowing us to paint yachts up to 90ft(28m) and is fully climate controlled, which includes  temperature, humidity and air speed to ensure the ultimate finish.

Berthon Glossing Booth

We provide our spraying team with the best environment to produce perfect results; overall lighting gives a shadow-free setting throughout the booth, the walls are covered with a sticky coating that attracts any overspray or dust when boot-tops and caveta lines are prepared and temperature is controlled precisely to allow for perfect application and then raised after a pre-calculated period to aid curing, whilst reducing orange peel and other effects. The air speed is controlled dependant on the type of paint being applied and the size of the yacht in the booth. All in all this environment allows our qualified paint sprayers to deliver first class results time and again for our clients.

Berthon Fact (1) – 350 Topsides, superstructures/coach roofs or rigs painted in 15 years; add antifoul and the paint used would cover over 800 tennis courts.

The paint team is made up of 10 full-time skilled employees, providing the range of expertise that we need from exquisite varnishing to Superyacht quality finishers with a keen eye for detail.  Currently, 70% of employees were trained at Berthon and we will be taking 3 more painters in our September apprentice intake (click for more details on yacht spraying apprenticeships at Berthon). Our Senior Charge Hand for the Paint Team has over 20 years’ experience in the marine spraying industry.

If you would like to discuss paint options for your yacht or would like a quote you can contact Berthon on 01590 673312 or email

Since 1999 our yacht paint facility has completed over 350 paint jobs from component parts including masts and spars to the new build RNLI Shannon Class lifeboat, topside re-sprays on new yachts ahead of delivery for Princess Yachts, repairs from insurance claims, to total re-sprays as part of full refits. If your yacht is looking tired and old due to UV damaged gelcoat, or you just want to update the colour scheme of your yacht, Berthon can provide a paint solution that will transform your yacht.

Below are a selection paint projects that Berthon have completed, click here view the Berthon yacht paint history from 1999

bloodhood-12m-painted-by-berthon osiris-chranchi-50ht-yacht-paint-berthon swan-44-topside-paint nimbus-380-topside-paint baltic-45-topside-yacht-paint-berthon mast-painted-contest-55 tyne-class-lifeboat-repaint-the-john-faulding mast-painted-nicholson-476

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